12 goals from Lacrabere bring Mios Biganos-Begles close to semi-finalArticle
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QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: French side takes a 38:32 victory against Virto/Quintus in Women's Challenge Cup Quarter-final. H 65 Höör also records win while Issy Paris Hand and Slavia Praha tie
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12 goals from Lacrabere bring Mios Biganos-Begles close to semi-final

H 65 Höör from Sweden and Union Mios Biganos-Begles from France are close to the semi-final of the Women's Challenge Cup after clear away wins in the first leg of the quarter-final on Sunday.

Höör recorded the largest win with 29:22 in Turkey against Ardesen GSK, while Mios Biganos-Begles won 38:32 in the Netherlands against Virto/Quintus, partly thanks to 12 goals from French international Alexandra Lacrabere.

While one French team seems to be heading for the semi-final, another French side seems to be facing difficulties, as Issy Paris Hand only got a 27:27 draw at home against DHC Slavia Praha.

The fourth ie, between HC BMs Milenium from Serbia and PO SC Galytchanka-Lviv from Ukraine will be played as a doubleheader next week.

Issy Paris Hand (FRA) vs DHC Slavia Praha (CZE) 27:27 (13:14)

Everything is still open, but the draw at the Palaise de Sport Robert Charpentier gives Slavia Praha the upper hand ahead of the second leg, where the Czech team enjoys the home advantage.

The visitors were even leading by one goal at half-time.

"Our key players were not successful, and that made the match difficult for us. Furthermore, the Czechs were good at making if difficult for us," Issy manager Arnaud Gandais said.

Virto/Quintus (NED) vs Union Mios Biganos-Begles (FRA) 32:38 (19:21)

By scoring 12 goals French international Alexandra Lacrabere played a considerably part, as Biganos-Begles took a huge step towards the semi-final with a six-goal win in the Netherlands.

550 spectators in the Van der Voort Hal in Kwintsheul were far from witnessing a win in their team's first home match in Europe.

After a high-scoring first half the visitors were leading by two goals, but that lead was trebled during the last 30 minutes, and Virto/Quintus may have to hope for some miracle in France on the coming Saturday in order to still reach the semi-final.

Ardesen GSK (TUR) vs H 65 Höör (SWE) 22:29 (12:14)

2,000 spectators in the M. Y. O. Kapali Erdogan University hall did their best to spur their local heroines on, but their support was not enough to keep Höör from taking a clear seven-goal lead with them home to Sweden, where the second leg is being played next Saturday.

Höör, who reached the Challenge Cup Semi-final last season, were leading by two goals after an even first half against the European debutants from Turkey, but as the second half progressed the visitors' lead increased, bringing the team of head coach Niklas Harris very close to the semi-final for the second consecutive year.

"It took us some time to read the variations in the attack, but I have to praise our players' ability to focus.

"They worked methodically and focused and we benefitted from the experience that nearly two years of European handball has given us," Höör coach Niklas Harris told the Swedish Handball Federation's website.

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