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ROUND REVIEW: Swedish team in quarter-final through away goals despite one goal home defeat.
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Höör in quarter-final after drama

Last season H 65 Höör reached the semi-final of the Women´s Challenge Cup. The Swedish team still have the chance to at least copy that performance this season, but they only qualified for the quarter-finals of this season's tournament after a dramatic finish of their tie against DHC Sokol Poruba.

Höor won the first match in the Czech Republic 25:24, and for most of the second leg in Björvikshallen in Höör, the Swedish team seemed to be heading for another win, being up 14:12 at half time and 21:19 with less than five minutes left.

However, a strong finish from the visitors changed the score into a 23:22 away win, so having scored more away goals was the only factor which helped Höör to the quarter-final.

“We were a bit stressed by their high defence, but it should not have been this close. However, we are in the quarter-final and it was team effort and a good goalkeeper that brought us there,” Höör captain Jonna Linnéll told the Swedish Handball Federation's website.

Huge spectators' interest in Turkey

The decision was also close in the double header in Croatia, where DHC Slavia Praha secured their quarter-final berth through two one goal wins – 24:23 and 19:18 – against RK Zelina, while it was not quite as close in Turkey, where Ardesen GSK defeated ZRK Naisa-Nis from Serbia 56:52 on aggregate after winning 30:25 in front of 3,500 spectators Saturday and losing 27:26 witnessed by 5,000 people Sunday.

Things were even less close in the Sportski Centar “Vozdovac” in Belgrade, where HC BMS Milenium from Serbia won both matches against ABU Baku this weekend – 33:29 Saturday and 29:26 Sunday.

The last two double headers this weekend were not close at all. H. V. Quintus could travel home to the Netherlands after having won 24:19 and 37:21 in Portugal against Colegio de Gaia, and Issy Paris Hand made things even clearer with home wins at 38:27 and 39:20 against Istanbul Maltepe Bel. GSK.

Union Mios Biganos-Begles became the second French team among the last eight, as they won another huge win against SG Basel Regio Handball. After 45:22 away, the French ladies won 43-25 at home.

PO SC Galytchanka-Lviv qualified already last weekend, and the Ukrainians will keep this weekend's seven winners company in the bowl for the draw for the quarter-finals Tuesday.

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