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INTERVIEW: Tamas Mocsai, a newcomer at MKB-MVM Veszprem, talks about his surprising transfer and the upcoming VELUX EHF Champions League match at Rhein Neckar Löwen

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Germany, Hungary, then back to Germany

It has been twelve years since Tamas Mocsai last played for a club from his home-country Hungary, his move to domestic champions and VELUX EHF Champions League participant MKB-MVM Veszprem has brought an end to that spell, in a transfer which was even a surprise for Mocsai.

He arrived from German side TSV Hannover-Burgdorf to close the gap caused by the long-term injury of Laszlo Nagy. Most of his career, Mocsai (son of Hungarian national team coach Lajos) played for German clubs, starting in Lemgo, where his father was the coach.

After a two year intermezzo at Dunaferr until 2002 he transferred to Switzerland (Suhr, Winterthur) before he returned to Germany, signing a contract at the forerunner of his upcoming VELUX EHF Champions League opponent Rhein Neckar Löwen, SG Kronau/Östringen. Later Mocsai played for Lemgo again and Flensburg, before he joined Hannover in 2012.

On New Years Day 2014 the 35-year-old right back changed sides again, now wearing the Veszprem jersey. Before his first matches with his new team, father and son Mocsai led Hungary to eighth position at EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark.

Before his short-term return to Germany, where Veszprem will have their top duel at Mannheim against Löwen, first vs second in Group A, Mocsai spoke to about his transfer and expectations for Sunday. Have you already settled in your new home at Lake Balaton?

Tamas Mocsai: I did not have much time to look around. Due to my participation at the EHF EURO I did not have that many training sessions with my new team, but we took the time we had to integrate me in the best way possible. During the EHF EURO you already had time to play with some of your new Veszprem teammates.

Tamas Mocsai: Yes, there were a few, but some years ago it had been much more Veszprém players. The transfer from Hannover-Burgdorf to Veszprém was a surprise for many – also for you?

Tamas Mocsai: I had been injured, and when I returned, Hannover had three left-handed players in their squad. In the same time I received a request from Veszprém, to cover Laslo Nagy.

It was a great honour for me to be asked by a club like Veszprém – therefore my decision did not take that long. I did not have a plan to transfer at this time; it was more a coincidence, so it was also a surprise to me to play for Veszprém now. Now you will have the chance to see your father more often now, how does that feel?

Tamas Mocsai: Yes indeed, this is a positive side effect to see my family more often. Mainly my father will come to watch some Veszprem games. How does it feel to be back in your home country after such a long time?

Tamas Mocsai: I played abroad during the previous twelve years, so it really feels good to be back at home. It is my first contract with Veszprem, as my only Hungarian club in my career was Dunaferr, where I played until 2002. Veszprem is a professionally conducted club with great players and a great setting. Additionally I have the great chance to be part of the Champions League. Speaking of which: many experts agree that the time for Veszprém has come this season to make it to the VELUX EHF FINAL4. Is there a chance for your team to go all the way?

Tamas Mocsai: A big number of opponents have the same dream to end the season in Cologne. We should not think so far ahead, but focus on every single step towards Cologne. In general, Veszprem have the potential to go all the way. Your new coach Carlos Ortega is a Spaniard. Is the style Veszprém play more inspired by Hungary or Spain?

Tamas Mocsai: Every coach has his own style, and for me it is very interesting to be coach by Carlos, as I never had a Spanish coach before. I think his style is more or less inspired by Spain. Your first international match in your new jersey brings you back to Germany, to Rhein Neckar Löwen on Sunday. Another coincidence?

Tamas Mocsai: I am really looking forward this match, as it is always something special to play in the SAP Arena with thousands of fans. Veszprem are top of Group A with Löwen three points below. Is there any favourite in this duel?

Tamas Mocsai: It is hard to say, especially after the EHF EURO. All teams have to find themselves, as most of their players had been away to Denmark.


We did not have big hurdles to cross in the Hungarian league, but Löwen played at Flensburg on Wednesday night, which is a much harder start.


As Löwen have a huge quality in their team, proved by the close result of the first leg, there is no favourite in this match in my opinion. Your contract at Veszprém expires at the end of the season. Will you stay longer at Lake Balaton?


Tamas Mocsai: I don’t know yet, we have to see what will follow. After all I am already 35. 

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