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ROUND REVIEW: PO SC Galytchanka-Lviv ready for the quarter-finals in the Women's Challenge Cup after all Ukrainian double header, while French Union Mios Bignanos-Begles are more than close after huge away win.
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Ukrainian Lviv in quarter-final, French Mios almost there

The schedule was scarce in the Women´s Challenge Cup this weekend. Only four matches were played, as the first leg of the Last 16 launched.

Two of those made a double header in Ukrainian Uzhgorod, where PO SC Galytchanka-Lviv won the all Ukrainian encounter against HC Dnepryanka Kherson 51:37 on aggregate.

Lviv won both matches by seven goals – 27:20 Saturday and 24:17 Sunday, and it did not help Kherson that their left winger Anastasiia Metelska scored 18 goals over the two days – nine in each game.

It is pretty certain that the Ukrainians will have French company in the quarter-finals.

Technically speaking, Union Mios Biganos-Begles are not through yet, as they still have to play the second leg at home against SG Basel Regio Handball.

However, considering that fact that the French club won the first match in Basel Saturday as big as 45:22, it is beyond any doubt that the Swiss ladies are without a chance to rob them of their quarter-final ticket.

Finally, H 65 Höör stand with very good chances to reach the quarter-final, after they came back from being down 15:12 away against DHC Sokol Poruba to defeat the Czechs 25:24 Sunday. The Swedes will still have to take the final step in return match at home in Björkvikshallen Saturday afternoon, though.

The following ties are all being played as double headers the coming weekend:
RK Zelina (CRO) vs DHC Slavia Praha (CZE)
Istanbul Maltepe Bel. GSK (TUR) vs Issy Paris Hand (FRA)
Colegio de Gaia (POR) vs H. V. Quintus (NED)
ABU Baku (AZE) vs HC BMS Milenium (SRB)
ZRK Naisa-Nis (SRB) vs Ardesen GSK (TUR)

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