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ROUND PREVIEW: With seven teams seeded directly for the round of the Last 16 of the Women's Challenge Cup, and four ties of Round 3 decided last weekend, there are only five places in the next round at stake this weekend.
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Five tickets left for the round of the Last 16

In four double-headers of the Women's Challenge Cup Round 3 last weekend, HC Dnepryanka Kherson (UKR), Union Mios Biganos-Begles (FRA), DHC Slavia Praha (CZE) and Colegio de Gaia (POR) all secured access to the Last 16. With seven further teams seeded directly for the next round, only five tickets are left which will all be handed out this weekend.

The biggest thriller may be expected in Nis Saturday evening, when Danilovgrad are visiting ZRK Naisa-Nis in southern Serbia. When the two teams met in Montenegro Sunday, Danilovgrad only won by one, 25:24, so Naisa-Nis have a great chance in the second leg in Sport Hall “Cair” in their home town.

There is one more tie, in which nothing is decided yet. In Baku, GAS Megas Alexandros Giannitson from Greece and ABU Baku from Azerbaijan are playing both their internal matches this weekend.

The three remaining matches this weekend seem more or less like formalities. Even at home in Portugal, JAC Alcanena will have extreme difficulties to catch up with the 11 goals they are behind against Istanbul Maltepe BGSK after their 40:29 defeat in Turkey.

It will not be any easier – to put it gently – for Westfriesland SEW, as the Dutch ladies are down 33:20 after their away game against H 65 Höör. The Swedish team, who reached the semi-final last season, are very likely to get a round further.

Finally, KHF Pristina can only hope to restore a bit of their honour, when SG Basel Regio visit Kosovo. The Swiss team won the first leg 50:25.

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