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NEWS REPORT: Macedonian side HC Zomimak-M will miss Karaivanov in the second leg against Maccabi Tyrec Tel Aviv after the EHF Court of Handball had suspended the player.
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One match ban for Karaivanov

The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against the player Mite Karaivanov from HC Zomimak-M (MKD).
The player received a direct disqualification during the last minute of the of Men’s EHF Cup: Maccabi “Tyrec” Tel Aviv (ISR) vs. HC Zomimak-M (MKD).
He will be sanctioned with a one match suspension based on the EHF List of Penalties and will therefore not be entitled to play in the match HC Zomimak-M (MKD) vs. Maccabi “Tyrec” Tel Aviv (ISR) taking place in Strumica on Saturday 19 September 2013.
An appeal to the EHF Court of Appeal shall not have any suspensive effects.