One match ban for KaraivanovArticle
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NEWS REPORT: Macedonian side HC Zomimak-M will miss Karaivanov in the second leg against Maccabi Tyrec Tel Aviv after the EHF Court of Handball had suspended the player.

One match ban for Karaivanov

The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against the player Mite Karaivanov from HC Zomimak-M (MKD).
The player received a direct disqualification during the last minute of the of Men’s EHF Cup: Maccabi “Tyrec” Tel Aviv (ISR) vs. HC Zomimak-M (MKD).
He will be sanctioned with a one match suspension based on the EHF List of Penalties and will therefore not be entitled to play in the match HC Zomimak-M (MKD) vs. Maccabi “Tyrec” Tel Aviv (ISR) taking place in Strumica on Saturday 19 September 2013.
An appeal to the EHF Court of Appeal shall not have any suspensive effects.