Vardar and Fleury to battle out the ticketArticle
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MATCH REVIEW: While Macedonian champions recorded a lopsided win over Group 4 hosts Jomi Salerno, Fleury overcome a formidable Russian side from Rostov.

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Vardar and Fleury to battle out the ticket

Macedonian champions or French runners-up will enter the Women's EHF Champions League Group Matches this season. ZRK Vardar Skopje made their way to the Qualification Group 4 final with a huge 35:16 victory against tournament's hosts Jomi Salerno, while Fleury Loiret HB succeeded against strong side Rostov Don, which means Russia will have no representative in the premier European club competition this season.

The winner of the tournament will qualify to the Group D with Larvik HK, Balonmano Bera Bera and Podravka Vegeta.

Women's EHF Champions League, Group 4


Rostov-Don vs Fleury Loiret HB 21:26 (11:12)

The first goal in the Palasele Arena of Eboli (close to Salerno) was scored in the goal of Fleury as Artamonova opened the scoring list.

However, the whole first half was highly balanced. Fleury jumped to two goal lead (3:5), but the Russian team scored three goals in a row and turned the tables.

The crucial moments of the match came at the beginning of the second half as French runners-up scored four unanswered goals and built up a four-goal cushion (16:12).

Rostov managed to climbed back to two goals (16:18), but paid the price for several mistakes in the last minutes and their chase was stopped. Fernandez Ibanez from Fleury was the top scorer of the match with 8 goals.

ZRK Vardar Skopje vs Jomi Salerno 35:16 (14:4)


The second contest of the match was decided early in the second half as the new Macedonian powerhouse quickly escpaed to ten goals deficit. The tournaments hosts scored only four goals in the first 30 minutes and although they increased their output after the break, but could not stop the

avalanche on their goal.

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