Great Danes ready for Ankara after successful Copper Box CupArticle
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NEWS REPORT: The venue of the previous Olympic tournament hosted an attractive event organised by the British team London GD. The US champions from New York City won the tournament and also gave the hosts a welcome warm-up ahead of their EHF Cup clash in Turkey.
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Great Danes ready for Ankara after successful Copper Box Cup

For the second year in succession, London GD Handball Club are ready for the Men's EHF Cup. Last year they were sent out of the first round after two large defeats to Danish KIF Kolding København. This year, Britain´s representatives will be locking horns with B. B. Ankara Spor from Turkey, and at least the British champions can go to the Turkish capital with the memory of a fine end to their preparations.

US Champions dominated in the Olympic venue

Last weekend, London GD were hosting the Copper Box International Handball with British and American teams competing in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London for more than 500 spectators.

After New York City, US champions four times within the last six years, had defeated another British team, Oly Cats 24:15, it was London GD's turn to take on New York City. After a close match, the New Yorkers won 24:22, before a team of players from London GD and top players from most of the other London clubs defeated Oly Cats 20:16.

In between, there was also time for a match between the women's team from London GD and the British Beach Handball champions London Angels. This match was won by London GD 20:13.

“Today was a great day for handball in London and UK. We are very pleased the way the club has managed to organise an excellent tournament at such short notice, and we are proud of the way our volunteers have got all together in order to make this event possible," Remi Bugariu, chairman of GD said after the event.


Ambassadors of British handball in Europe

Next on the agenda for London GD are the two EHF Cup qualifiers against Ankara Spor. Both matches are taking place in Turkey this coming weekend, and the Londoners are looking forward to representing Great Britain on the European stage once again.

“This is the second year our club is participating in an elite handball competition as the EHF Cup is, and we are hoping to improve on our previous performance. As in previous years, we are going as ambassadors of British handball, and with our presence in European competitions, we hope to provide a platform for the young handballers who are coming from the grass roots to play at a semi-amateur level in not such a distant future in this country,” Bugariu said.

"We start this season with our biggest challenge, the EHF Cup. We are very excited to be part of this competition again and to test the work done during our last season and pre-season. Every international game sets the standard for us: the goal is to raise our game, hoping that in the near future British handball will have a place in Europe," head coach of London GD Juan Pedro Carrasco said.

Photo: Harald Haugan, Miguel Puig

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