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The Spanish left winger found a new home in FC Porto

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Dream of Champions League goes on for Davis

When a club dissapears, hopes and dreams end for many, and in the case of Atlético Madrid this was not a new feeling. One tends to think that although for club fans and followers everything suddenly stops, life goes on for professsional players somehow, in a different club. But this is not always the case.

David Davis was changing roles inside the club. Or so he thought. He was becoming Sports Manager of Atlético at the end of the season, sharing the responsibility with that of a player for a few months and so everything was a big surprise to him. ehfCL.com takes the oportunity to interview him now that his nightmare is over in his new position at FC Porto.

ehfCL.com: Did the news get you by surprise or you already had some hints about this?

David Davis: I was totally unaware of what was happening. In fact I was in Guadalupe Island with Didier (Dinart) so although I broadly use the internet I could not get all the information until I was back.

ehfCL.com: So your holidays were sort of broken…

David Davis: You can imagine. I just sent a Facebook message telling everyone that I would try to find out what was happening but there was little I could do there.

ehfCL.com: A proffesional player is ready to face sport defeats. Are this kind of situations much different?

David Davis: I was becoming Sports Manager of the club, I am 36 years of age and my life was just looking in a whole different direction. I always looked forward to continuing close to handball and that seemed to be happening.

It was not the situation of some other players at the club that are at the peak of their career and they could find another interesting club in no time.

Therefore we had to rapidly change ways and so my agent and best friend Pagliota (I know him since I was 3!!) started the search and this FC Porto oportunity came across. The project looked good to me and I did not hesitate at all.

ehfCL.com: You have just said you are 36. How long did you sign for?

David Davis: At first it was only for a month, then they said 3 months but now it has been decided that I will stay for the whole season and then we will see if as a player or if I could do something else inside the club.

ehfCL.com: Have you adapted yet?

David Davis: The players and staff are very friendly. The structure of the club has really impressed me but the style of trainings is so different. It is very physical and less tactic. Incredibly physical, I would say (smiling).

ehfCL.com: FC Porto are fighting to get into VELUX EHF Champions League. What are your thoughts, based on your experience?

David Davis: I honestly think chances to get to Champions League Group Phase are much bigger now at FC Porto. Alvaro Ferrer and I can bring to this club much of the experience we have gathered in the past. They have been trying to get into the Group Phase for years and I will try to help them to achieve so.

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