Press conference: HSV Hamburg vs. FC Barcelona IntersportArticle
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Read what the players and coaches said at the post-match press conference

Press conference statements FC Barcelona Intersport vs. HSV Hamburg

Xavi Pascual (coach, FC Barcelona Intersport):

"Congratulations to Hamburg on winning the Champions League and congratulations to the EHF on organising such a great event. It is a great event for our sport.

"I hope that someday, Barcelona will have the chance to host this event.

"Regarding the game, I do not have much to say."

Victor Tomas (player, FC Barcelona Intersport):

"Congratulations to HSV. They have a lot of great players.

"It is very difficult to talk right now. The whole team feels really disappointed and frustrated. We gave everything and did everything we could.

"HSV made a great performance. I am very proud of Barcelona. Today we played against seven players and 18,000 people in the arena and this is really hard.

"We will come back next year and we will try even harder."

Martin Schwalb (coach, HSV Hamburg):

"First of all I would like to congratulate FC Barcelona. They are a great team and they played really good. It is hard to lose a Champions league final after extra-time, but I am sure they will get other chances to win a final.

"I am very happy that we won today.

"We have been very focused over the whole season. We finished the Group Phase first, in a very hard Group with Montpellier, Flensburg and Chekhovskie. Even in the eight- and quarterfinal we played very good.

"We had a lot of hopes when we came to Cologne but we knew that we had to beat THW Kiel and then Barcelona in the final.

"I am very happy that we made it today. Respects to my team."

Pascal Hens (player, HSV Hamburg):

"It is hard to say something after such a game - this is something big.

"We have been the outsider and only few people thought we could do it.

"We wanted to take our chances on this weekend and as a captain, I am very proud of what we did.

"Today, some of our teammates, that did not play yesterday, showed that they are good enough to win such a game. This shows that we are a great team.

"We had a hard time in the Bundesliga, but we wanted to show what we can do - I am very proud that we won.

"We were four goals ahead and then Barcelona came back after a fast break – all my respects.

"In the extra-time, it is a little like a penalty-shoot-out, it can go one way or another. I am happy that we won today."