Mixed Zone: FC Barcelona Intersport vs. HSV HamburgArticle
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Here is what the players and coaches said after the match

Mixed Zone: HSV Hamburg vs. FC Barcelona Intersport

Cedric Sorhaindo, FC Barcelona Intersport - player:
"We would have appreciated to crown the season with the title but we made too many mistakes, which we need to discuss.

"I cannot analyse that at this very moment."

Matthias Flohr, HSV Hamburg - player:
"It is the absolute dream to win the title here in Cologne - this is my extended homeland, I am born in the area, supporter of the 1. FC Cologne and I appreciate the carnival. This is really my home. My family were here and all my friends.

"My son kept his fingers crossed at home, obviously he didn't sleep through my match today.

"It is an indescribable feeling and I am so grateful being part of the team. Today it was an irrepressible fight and both sides outperformed mentally.

"The trophy is looking quite robust - you can't drink out of it, but well – we will find something to do with it, we always do.

"Now I have won everything in club handball that you can. We were totally down this season and now we have won the Champions League, simply from nothing. We got out of a tight spot.

"Actually I don’t know how we will celebrate the title. To be honest, I didn’t expect that there will be any reason to celebrate anything today - it’s very special for me to win here in Cologne.

"This is the coolest final of a season you can imagine it seems we regenerated quite well from yesterday to today."

Viran Morros, FC Barcelona Intersport – player:
“We weren’t as good as in the first half. No lines within the team in the defence and attack. We could reach a draw and overtime and we had the opportunity to win but we couldn’t do it. It’s a shame. It’s some hard work to come here again next year with better chances.

"They were better, that’s it. We were in a great physical condition, they were just better.

"I’m totally disappointed. Today is one of those days when you’re sad.”

Jesper Nøddesbo, FC Barcelona Intersport – player:
“It was the small things that decided (the game). It was a hard physical fight.”

Fredrik Petersen, HSV Hamburg – player:
“It’s really cool to win the Champions League. It’s difficult, one is quite nervous.

"But damn in the end - we won the fucking Champions League!“

Max Herrmann, HSV Hamburg - player:
"We did it, I can’t believe it. So much tension, but Jogi made important saves and helped us a lot.

"It is amazing, we qualified for the Champions League only through the qualifying tournament - we did not even qualify for the next Champions League considering our position in the German league, but now we are as Champions!"

Marcin Lijewski, HSV Hamburg - player:
"It is the highlight of my career, I am so happy, I feel like the handball version of Jerzy Dudek!"

Pascal Hens, HSV Hamburg - player:
"We are happy to crown this intermingled season with the Champions League trophy!

"We showed a great team performance and everybody could contribute his share.

"It was amazing what happened in the arena today and what our supporters did to whip us forward.

"I don’t give it a damn what the thing (trophy) looks like.

"It’s a wonderful title and everybody in our team made a contribution to it. It was a sensation. Some were quite tired after yesterday’s match, but finally we were able to turn it.

"It doesn’t matter what you win, it’s always a big thing.

"We, as the outsider, wanted to show what we are able to do. It is awesome that it worked so well.”
Johannes Bitter, HSV Hamburg - player:
"In overtime, we always scored the first goal and after that Barcelona always had the pressure and made the faults.

"That's the world's best handball arena. The final has to stay here forever."
Michael Kraus, HSV Hamburg - player:
"That´s the greatest triumph for the team- especially after this season!
“It was important that we didn´t play through the center, but used the whole breadth of the court.”
Domagoj Duvnjak, HSV Hamburg - player:
“I am beyond happy. This is the best birthday present I could have imagined. We don’t have to analyze the game. The most important thing is that we have won the title.”
Igor Vori, HSV Hamburg - player:
“I am not yet fully aware of the fact we are the champions. I guess we have to sleep on it and see tomorrow what we did on that court.
"The most important thing is that we played well and showed we are strong characters, not willing to surrender.I promised my son that I would bring him the gold medal, so I have to give all I have to keep that promise. You never break a promise you give to a child. Son, this is for you!”
Stefan Terzic, HSV Hamburg - player:
“Look at it, it so shiny! I keep looking at it and still don’t believe it. It’s an incredible feeling standing on that podium with the gold medal around the neck and holding the Serbian flag.
"It’s a great feeling to be able to represent my country. I have fulfilled a huge goal in my life.”
Torsten Jansen, HSV Hamburg - player:
"It was an amazing feeling to play today.
"When you’re on the court you only get the get the atmosphere of the arena in a damped way. You only concentrate on the game."
Michael Kraus, HSV Hamburg - player:
"It was an amazing feeling today. The match was so tough and so amazing.

"Today was not my best, but definitely the most important one for me.

"Our coach made the correct decision in the semi-final. Before today’s final he told me to make the match today – and that’s what I did. I was absolutely clear in my head.

"The secret of success was the boundless strong will of our team.

"In a final you don’t just play, you win.

"Five players are leaving the club – this was the best gift.

"If you have the chance to win a match like that, you must take this chance.

"Probably this was the last chance for me to play in a Champions League Final."

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