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It took until the very last second of the game to know the winner of the game for 3rd place
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Holstebro win after a very close game

According to the beginning of the game, the Germans were definitely ready to fight for the win, as they took a quickly lead of four goals just after eight minutes.

Prost was back to its best level, piling up crucial saves, while Pavel Horak and Manuel Späth were giving Rasmus Lind a hard time in the offene.

But contrary to yesterday, the Danish team could count on Michael Damgaard, who had already scored five times in the first half time.

Counting on him and the wakening of their goalkeeper, Holstebro slowly came back into the game. They were down by only one goal at half-time, 15:16.

Göppingen had problems to score in the second half. Holstebro made the score even and took the lead at the 40th minute through a a fast break by Bramming.

As the end was closing in, the game became tougher and the shoots more complicated. The two goalkeepers became better and better and the game became very defensive.

Only Momir Rnic found a way through the Danish defence while Holstebro could count on their two wing players Larsen and Bramming. Five minutes from the term, it was those two players who gave Holstebro a four goal advantage.

Thanks to a late comeback, Zarko Markovic had the ball to send everyone into overtime but his last shoot was once agin blocked by Lund and Holstebro won the third place 28:27.

Press conference statements

Klaus-Bruun Jorgensen (coach Team Tvis Holstebro): I'm very satisfied by my players' game. Yesterday I was disappointed because I thought that we hadn't given everything we could but today they proved they are real men. Göppingen had a more physical team but we were quicker, that's what made the difference. And we won thanks to our defense"

Mads Christiansen (player Team Tvis Holstebro players): It's been a very physical game, very tough. We answered with a good defence, and we made the difference in the second half thanks to our fastbreaks.

Velimir Petkovic (coach Frisch Auf Göppingen): I did not think that we would be playing the 3rd place final in these finals and even less to finish fourth. It's been hard motivating my players. We had a good first half, but it did not last, we had a very bad second half.

Christian Schöne (player Frisch Auf Göppingen): We were all very disappointed after yesterday's loss. We had a good start of the game, but then we made too many stupid mistakes and they had a good goalkeeper. I came here to play the final and of course we're disappointed.


Photos: Stephane Pillaud


TEXT: Kevin Domas/jw