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Göppingen’s Slovenian goalkeeper talks about his lucky transfer and the chances to defend the title at Nantes.
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Prošt: Little things will decide

Primož Prošt is something like the “life insurance” for Frisch Auf Göppingen in the EHF Cup. Signed in January as an interim solution, the Slovenian international (29) became the hero for the fans. Prošt, who had been dismissed by MAHB Montpellier last autumn, was a lucky transfer for the Germans, who will try to defend their title in the EHF Cup this weekend at the EHF Cup Finals in Nantes – but face German powerhouse Rhein Neckar Löwen in their semi. talked to Primož Prošt, who just extended his contract until 2016, about his transfer and the chances of his team in Nantes right before the departure to France. Did you expect to become Göppingen’s crowd pleaser in such a short time?

Primož Prošt: No, I didn’t expect it in this way. But I had shown some really good matches right from the start and our fans supported me in a brilliant manner. So it was an interaction of giving and taking from both sides in  splendid atmosphere in our EWS Arena. Had you been surprised when Göppingen called you? And even more that your contract had been extended in an early stage?

Primož Prošt: I had some requests from different clubs, but Frisch Auf Göppingen was the only one, which was courageous enough to run the risk with me. I hope that I can return this braveness with good performances in the goal. After a perfect start from both sides in February and March we had a mutual interest to extend the contract. How long did it take to settle down in Göppingen?

Primož Prošt: I really like the city and the team, as the whole region is living for handball. Therefore it was my clear wish to stay longer at Frisch Auf. You played a huge number of international matches with your former club Montpellier MAHB. Is this experience an advantage especially in crucial matches like the upcoming EHF Cup Finals?

Primož Prošt: Indeed. International experience, either from Montpellier or the Slovenian national team, is a big advantages and a major help in such top clashes. Are you looking forward to returning to France?

Primož Prošt: I am looking forward to play handball again at France. But I honestly have no relationship and bear no reference to the city of Nantes. How do you rate the chances to beat Rhein Neckar Löwen in your semi-final on Saturday?

Primož Prošt: For us the match vs. Löwen is something like the final already in the semi-final, because they are the strongest team playing at the EHF Cup Finals  - despite our huge respect for Holstebro and HBC Nantes. It will be a close and exciting match, in which little things will decide the finalist. So how big is the chance to defend the title?

Primož Prošt: Of course it is our clear objective to reach the final and to win the title, which would also be terrific for me, who had not been among those who won the title in the previous season. But before dreaming of raising the trophy we have two tough and fully equal matches ahead.

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