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All four teams are waiting impatiently for the opening throw-off of the EHF Cup Finals in Nantes.
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Players statements after open trainings

All four participating teams at the first EHF Cup Finals had their training session on Friday in the Palais des Sports de Beaulieu in Nantes.

Arnaud Siffert, the goalkeeper of HBC Nantes: "We are our biggest enemy. We know that, so we've got to be careful. It's the handball event of the year here, and we know how lucky we are to play it at home."

Valero Rivera, the left wing of HBC Nantes: "I wouldn't say we're favourites. Holstebro are not that well known in France, but I know from experience that the Danish way of play isn't the one which suits us best. We know they like to play defence and fastbreaks, so it will be our role to be careful not to give them munitions."

Bjarte Myrhol, the line player of Rhein Neckar Löwen: "Everybody seems to think we're favourites, but in our heads we're not. Göppingen are in a very good shape these days, and we're all a little bit tired. But playing such a competition in such an arena will be motivating for all of us, I'm sure."

Kim Ekdahl du Rietz, the left back of Rhein Neckar Löwen: "Yes, I've played here for a season, and I know how much of an advantage these fans can be! We'll have to be careful not to let Göppingen's back players shoot too easily, because with players such as Rnić and Marković, they can be very dangerous on outside shots."

Velimir Petković, the coach of Frisch Auf Göppingen: "I think it will be a very close game. We only won the quarter-final by one goal, so to say we're favourites is a bit too much. No matter how it goes, we'll try our best to keep the trophy in Göppingen for one more year."

Primož Prošt, the goalkeeper of Frisch Auf Göppingen: "Yes I'm coming back to Nantes, and I've had some tough times here, so I hope tomorrow will go better. We've relaxed and we've had a couple of days off lately, so we're in good shape. Rhein Neckar is a very efficient team, good players all around, so it will be a tough match."

Mads Christiansen, the right back of Team Tvis Holstebro: "It would be funny to win this EHF, since the girls from our club have won it as well last week! Seriously, it will be hard for us, it's like playing an away game, and everybody knows how much the fans can be an advantage in such a competition. We'll give it our best, and see how it turns out."

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