Great entertainment in Nantes guaranteedArticle
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Two impressive performances will fill the time between the games at the EHF Cup Finals in Palais des Sports de Beaulieu.
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Great entertainment in Nantes guaranteed

Music, dance and lights show will entertain spectators at the EHF Cup Finals between the matches over the upcoming weekend. The organisers of the premier edition of the newly formed final tournament HBC Nantes have prepared an unforgettable experience for a capacity crowd of 5000 fans on each day in the Palais des Sports de Beaulieu.

In addition to dancing to the sound of the Batala drummers, the audience will have a chance to follow two impressive performances of the Vagabond Crew dance group and a joint project of Urbandrone design studio together with Doze Studio.

Established in February 2000 by a group of talented and strong artists, the VAGABOND CREW is one of the three most well-known French groups and are the only team the world to have won the "double-double" (Best Performance choreography and winner of the Battle of The Year International in 2006 and 2011) after being the runner-up in the battle in 2002. Whether the public are "natural" Hip-Hop fans or will be discovering this universe for the first time, they are set to watch a great show with an explosion of spectacular moves. The crew keep the soul and clean energy in their performances, which is the deep spirit of Hip-Hop.

To help create a festive atmosphere during the EHF Cup Finals, HBC Nantes have teamed up with the Urbandrone design studio and Doze Studio to transform the court at the Palais des Sports de Beaulieu into a huge projector screen. Magic will be created, as artistic and handball brilliance is combined to transport fans to a dynamic and playful universe before each match. Fans can enjoy this unique experience which will be performed for the first time in Nantes and just the second time in France.

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