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Györ players thank their fans at a public reception in the city after Satuday's victory over Larvik

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Large welcome home for the champions

There was a huge celebration for Györi Audi ETO KC right after their Women’s EHF Champions League Final victory in Veszprém.

All 5,000 fans from the arena travelled to Győr to celebrate in their home town, meaning there was huge traffic on the motorway where fans sounded their car horns in celebration.

The team has arrived to the city hall with Audi Cabriolets supplied by their main sponsor. Anita Görbicz, Ambros Martín and Ernő Kelecsényi arrived in the first car holding the trophy and waving to the joyous fans.

The players were invited onto the stage one by one and the mayor of Győr, Zsolt Borkai, greeted the team.

“This city has been waiting for this success for a long time. This team has united and they are forming a real community. Maybe this is what was missing until now,” Borkai told

The mayor then gave gifts and flowers to the girls on behalf of the city, who then sang “Happy birthday" to Anita Görbicz, who turned 30 on Monday 13 May, alongside the fans.

Coach Ambros Martín thanked the fans for their support, the players and the city in Hungarian, before the birthday girl addressed the crowd.

“Thank you to the fans for this enormous support, they helped us through the whole season. Everybody has been waiting a long time for this and I'm very happy that we did it. Thanks to the team this beautiful birthday present,” said Görbicz.

Photo: Anikó Kovács

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