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More reactions of the new Women’s EHF Champions League winners from Győr

Görbicz cries happy tears

After the new gold medals and the winner’s trophy was handed over to the players and staff of Győri Audi ETO KC, it was the time for a birthday cake: Two days before celebrating her 30th birthday, Győr legendary player Anita Görbicz was sung a birthday song by 5019 spectators and handed over a huge cake.
After she had lost eight finals in her career with Győr and the Hungarian national team the time had come on Saturday for the former World Handball Player of the year to raise her first ever trophy.

When the Győr team returned to the dressing room to take their winner’s T-Shirts some minutes after the final whistle and before the start of the ceremony, Görbicz already cried and cried – and when she took the microphone to say thanks she had to stop several times as she was crying all over.

“We have fought so hard for so many years, so now I am so happy to have won this title,” Görbicz said, trying to stop her tears.

“The biggest credits belong to you, the fans. You followed and supported us everywhere. You were the ones who pushed us on top. I cannot be greatful enough for your support. Without you we would never managed to reach the final in the crucial stages of the semi-finals against Vâlcea,” she added.

Also Eduarda Amorim was thinking more about the fans than on herself. “Of course it is a great day for me and also for Brazilian handball, as I am the first ever Brazilian to raise this trophy. But in the end mostly our fans and the people in Győr deserve this trophy, as they waited so long for a title. Now the big party can start,” a tall left back said.

Besides some great moments with the Brazilian national team Amorim said that “this was the greatest day in my career. We could never be sure, but we were so confident that we can manage to win the trophy. I truly believe that we deserve this title, as we took 15 victories in 16 Champions League matches. The key was the improvement in defence all over the season. And now whole Győr deserve a big party.”

TEXT: Björn Pazen / br