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The left back of FTC Rail Cargo Hungária became the fourth Hungarian in history of the Women's EHF Champions League to win the goal scoring title.

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It gives me a lot of confidence, top scorer Tomori says

If there was a chance, Zsuzsanna Tomori would not hesitate even for a second and swap a great individual achievement for a team success.

The EHF President Jean Brihault handed the adidas golden ball over to the newly crowned top scorer of the Women's EHF Champions League after the final match of the season in Veszprém Aréna on Saturday evening. With a tally of 95 goals Tomori won the goal scoring race by five goals ahead of Katarina Bulatović from Oltchim Vâlcea and became the thirteenth winning name in 20 seasons and fourth Hungarian (Ágnes Farkas, Tímea Tóth, Anita Görbicz).

The left back of FTC Rail Cargo Hungária came to event despite having her injured shooting right hand in plaster and talked exclusively for What does this award mean to you? You have joined many legendary players on the list of the EHF Champions League top scorers...

Zsuzsanna Tomori: I am really happy about it. It gives me a lot of positive energy for my future career. I hope I have reached a level to be a key player in my club. I'm happy to prove an outstanding performance on the level of the best club competition of the world. I can build on it and it gives me confidence. I'm proud of it, and hope I can win this title at least one more time. When will you be able to add a CL winning trophy?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: If I could replace this top goal scorer title for a trophy I would do it immediately. But this title shows one of my target is to win the trophy. We are buliding our team and it was too much for our team this year. It was only the first season of this team in this competition and I think it was a nice first try. What happened with FTC after Round 3 of the Main Round?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: Pena got injured and that was a huge shock for all of us. We had a very few players, because before it Zácsik and Deáki had also fallen out and it was an extreme situation. There were only three or four players in the inner positions and we had to play both in the Hungarian League and in the Women's EHF Champions League. Still, it's a nice challenge for us for the future. I hope we will be at least that successful next year as well. But our performance will also depend on the draw. There will be also huge clubs next season. If we could beat them it would be a miracle. But we will have German national team player, Laura Steinbach and also Pena and Zácsik will come back. It means we will have new options in tactics. We will see if it will be enough. Everything will be decided in the Main Round. Taking into account your fierce rivalry with Győr who did you cross your fingers in the final for?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: I think there we are not rivals on this level. Obviously I was supporting Győr. I love them, they are a Hungarian team and I played in Győr for many years. I was really happy to see them celebrating with the trophy at last! What was deciding in this final?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: It was all about defence. In the first match Győr had a great defence and thanks to that they were able to turn the tables. Larvik could not score a goal for about ten minutes. Lunde in the goal was a huge factor too. Győr managed to stop Larvik's counter-attacks, because they give them a lot of confidence. In the first match, as I remember Larvik had only three or four goals from fast breaks. There was an unbelievable athmosphere in the Veszprém Aréna. They all longed for this trophy extremely. How serious is your injury?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: My elbow has been broken, but I'm happy a surgery was not needed. It's my shooting arm, so I would be worried more in case of an operation with fixing screws and plates. Now I have to have plaster for four weeks, then I start with a rehab, which will take about six to eight weeks. Will your teammates will be able to beat Györ in the Hungarian Cup final to stop their trophy harvest in two-weeks time?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: Unfortunately, these chances have gone when both Pena and I got injured. Even Larvik was not a too big task for Győr for 60 minutes. We are not ready yet this season, but we will see how much we can improve next year ... Where are you going to spend your holidays and what will be your future steps?

Zsuzsanna Tomori: At Lake Balaton and in Turkey with a great bunch of friends, something like ten persons. And that's all for those four weeks of holidays.

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All-time overview of the EHF Champions League top scorers:

1993/94 Natalia Morskova (Mar Valencia/ESP) 102
1994/95 Snežana Petika (Podravka Koprivnica/CRO) 72
1995/96 Snežana Petika (Podravka Koprivnica/CRO) 77
1996/97 Natalia Morskova (Mar Valencia/ESP) 150
1997/98 Natalia Morskova (Mar Valencia/ESP) 127
1998/99 Natalia Derepasko (Krim Ljubljana/SLO) 120
1999/00 Ausra Fridrikas Hypo (Niederösterreich/AUT) 97
2000/01 Ausra Fridrikas (Baekkelagets Oslo/NOR) 83
2001/02 Ágnes Farkas (FTC Budapest/HUN) 112
2002/03 Natalia Derepasko (Krim Ljubljana/SLO) 81
2003/04 Bojana Popović (Slagelse FH/DEN) 98
2004/05 Tatjana Logvin (Hypo Niederösterreich/AUT) 85
             Bojana Popović (Slagelse FH/DEN) 85
2005/06 Natalia Derepasko (Krim Ljubljana/SLO) 86
2006/07 Bojana Popović (Slagelse FH/DEN) 96
2007/08 Timea Tóth Hypo (Niederösterreich/AUT) 127
2008/09 Grit Jurack (Viborg HK/DEN) 113
2009/10 Cristina Vărzaru (Viborg HK/DEN) 101
2010/11 Heidi Løke (Larvik HK) 99
2011/12 Anita Görbicz (Győri AUDI ETO KC/HUN) 133
2012/13 Zsuzsanna Tomori (FTC Rail Cargo Hungária/HUN) 95

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