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Montenegrin right wing missed the EHF Champions League trophy last season as she stood on the wrong side of the barricades in the final. She believes it will not happen again.

Radičević: Only we can beat ourselves, not Larvik

Following a win against Larvik in Norway by 24:21 last Sunday, Győri Audi ETO KC is very close to their first EHF Champions League title. But, having in mind that Hungarian champions have lost all previous seven European Cups final, there is a big caution in Győr since they know that everything is over just after the final whistle of the second game in Veszprém.

Győr's right wing Jovanka Radičević, who scored five goals in the first match, talks to ehfCL.com about the final and about the wish to finally lift the trophy.

ehfCL.com: Given that fact that you've already won two times in the Main Round, had you expected to beat Larvik again in Norway, in the first leg of the final?

Jovanka Radičević: We expected a victory, because we trained well and very hard for that game. Only because all of that we believed we could defeat Larvik, not because we beat them twice before, because the Champions League final is something totally different than the Main Round.

ehfCL.com: You played two different half-times in Norway. Actually, the turning moment of the game was the lead of Larvik by 17:13. What has changed in your game at that point, what was crucial thing to take the lead?

Jovanka Radičević: Our heads and our faith are most important, in every part of the game. If you believe and if you don’t lose your head, anything is possible. After a mistake in attack, it’s important to go back and play defence.

From this point everything starts. We had ups and downs in the game, but, thanks God, some of us have the experience for this kind of games. You must keep the faith till the end, and we did it.

ehfCL.com: Can Larvik make a surprise in Veszprém like Oltchim Vâlcea did in the semi-final?

Jovanka Radičević: In my opinion, only we can beat ourselves, not Larvik. We have learned our lesson against Oltchim, and I'm sure in the rematch we don't reduce our effort, as we will start the game like we've lost by three goal difference. We will play our game, I think with our defence we can beat them again. But, we know we're are facing another 60 minutes of big fight for the trophy.

ehfCL.com: What is the situation in the team, around the club, do you feel any euphoria in Hungarian media as you are so close to a trophy, or you are isolated from all of that and you prepare yourselves for a rematch in peace?

Jovanka Radičević: I am so happy that I don’t understand Hungarian language, I don’t read newspapers. I have my peace and I am preparing the game in my own way, as all the rest of the team. Honestly, I do not see any euphoria, we are preparing this game like every other this season. But, probably as the start of the game will be closer, we will feel some euphoria. For now, everything is like it should be.

ehfCL.com: For your former club Budućnost, number eight was lucky, since in May of the last year they won EHF Champions League title after seven defeats in the semi-final. Before this one, Győr lost all previous European cups final, two of them in the European top flight. Do you think it could be the “lucky eight” time also for Hungarian champions?

Jovanka Radičević: It's time to break this curse. I believe in winning, because I think we are the only team that continuously played well, except for the first 50 minutes of the second semi-final game with Oltchim. I think we deserve to lift the trophy.

ehfCL. com: You did not manage to win this trophy with Budućnost, since you left Podgorica and came to Győr two seasons ago. At the end of this season you will join Macedonian club Vardar. The end with a big trophy would be the best farewell for your time in Hungary?

Jovanka Radičević: Of course, my wish is to win the Champions League. It’s even sweeter when you win the title and leave the club. In Győr I have spent two beautiful years, and I will be very happy if we win the title, to leave the club in the best possible way. I think my teammates and I deserve it, of course, the city and our amazing audience also.

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