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Hypo make a huge step to the Cup Winners' Cup trophy

The new holders of the Women's Cup Winners' Cup seem to be determined after Issy Paris lost the first leg on the home court to Hypo NÖ 22:30. Only a night-mare performance in the second leg could stop the four-time EHF Champions League winners from Austria on the way to the new trophy. The second leg is scheduled for next Saturday, 11 May at 18:00 hrs in the BSFZ Südstadt arena.

The French team were behind from the start, already trailing by five goals at half time (11:16). Too many lost balls lead the Austrian to score many easy goals from fast-breaks, Gorica Acimovic and Fernanda Franca da Silva showing no mercy for their opponents, scoring respectively nine and six goals.

Hypo's goalkeeper Barbara Arenhart stopped nearly 50% of the french shots, especially Mariama Signate's ones, as the french international player did not score any goals.  

"I guess we shot ourselves in the foot, losing so many balls. When you're facing such an experienced team, it's even harder to come back in the game," stated Arnaud Gandais, Issy Paris' head coach.

"It's the end of a tough week for us, after a crushing defeat in Metz on Wednesday. We'll try our best next saturday in Vienna, but I honestly don't think we can reverse the situation," said Charlotte Mordal, Issy's centre back.

TEXT: Kevin Domas / br