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Danish VELUX EHF Champions League top scorer is confident of reaching Cologne with HSV again, but is also aware of the threat posed by Flensburg

Lindberg: It’s time for the trophy to arrive in Hamburg

82 goals in 13 matches – including reaching double-figures four times: Hans Lindberg is currently top of the goal scoring charts in the VELUX EHF Champions League.

After a clear quarter-final first leg victory at Flensburg, the chances for the 31-year-old Danish right wing and his team of HSV Hamburg are good to qualify for the VELUX EHF FINAL4 for the second time in three seasons.

While double EHF EURO champion Lindberg is aware of the opponent, he is already dreaming of Cologne.

The second leg in Hamburg is the Match of the Week, streamed free of charge and with English live commentary by Tom O’Brannagáin this Sunday, 28 April at 18:30. Your coach Martin Schwalb said after the 32:26 in the first leg that a six goal lead means nothing, is it also your opinion?

Hans Lindberg: Yes. Of course, it is quite good to have a six goal advantage, but there are still 60 minutes ahead of us and we have to give 100% to proceed. However, we have the rematch at home and we want to win it for our fans. The first match in Flensburg was turned around completely by a 10:1 run of goals for HSV after Martin Schwalb had taken a time-out. What did he say?

Hans Lindberg: Nothing special. We knew that we had to fight and to be more focussed to win in the end. Is it possible to get a six goal advance out of your head when the match is about to start?

Hans Lindberg:  We always have the same attitude towards every match: We want to win – no matter if we won the first leg with a six goals difference or not. As I said: we do not only want to clinch the berth for Cologne, but we want to win. This season the HSV motto seems to have been “if Lindberg scores, Hamburg win”. In Flensburg you “only” scored twice, but Hamburg won, mostly because of the back court combination of Hens, Lackovic and Duvnjak, How do you rate your performance in the last game?

Hans Lindberg: I do not look upon my goals, but to give all I can for my team. I scored twice from three attempts, so I am satisfied. It doesn’t matter to me how often I score, the main thing is to be successful. A good scoring percentage is more important to me than the number of goals. If Hamburg make it to the VELUX EHF FINAL4 you will have the chance to become the second consecutive Danish top scorer of the competition after Mikkel Hansen in the previous season. Is that something special for you?

Hans Lindberg: It is more important to win matches than to top the scorer ranking. If I would become the competition’s top scorer, I would owe a lot to my team mates. How important will the support from the stands be on Sunday?

Hans Lindberg: We need the support from every single fan in the O2 World, as usual. Our spectators gave their all during the German Cup Final tournament in this arena, now we want to give everything back to them on Sunday. In 2011 you and your team had qualified for the VELUX EHF FINAL4 in Cologne – what are your most important memories?

Hans Lindberg: The four best teams in the world, pure handball, a phenomenal audience and a brilliant atmosphere – there’s nothing more to add! Two years ago Hamburg failed unluckily in the semi-finals – have you already thought about how it could be, to be part of the final?

Hans Lindberg: This is our objective. We want to be part of it and we will give our all to win this trophy. I think it is time that this trophy arrives in Hamburg.

TEXT: Björn Pazen / cor