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German international leaves Krim to her former club HC Leipzig

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Müller returns back to the roots

After three years abroad German international Susann Müller returns to home turf after this season. The right back of Krim Ljubljana (24) signed a one year contract at her former club HC Leipzig, starting in June 2013. Before, it is Müller’s dream to reach the EHF Champions League finals. On the next two Saturdays she faces Larvik HK in the semi-finals with Krim Ljubljana.

Müller started playing for HC Leipzig  - where she later became German international - when she was 14 years old. After seven years in the HCL jersey she left to Danish side Randers HK in 2010, becoming Danish champions in 2012. Then she transferred to Krim Ljubljana last summer.

The left handed tall shooter about her way back to the roots.

“It is and was a great experience to be in Denmark and Slovenia, but I have to think about my future beside the handball court too. In Leipzig I will start my apprenticeship parallel to play top handball. I know how much I owe to HC Leipzig, so it was clear, when I return to Germany, then Leipzig is my club. And I am really happy that it worked,” Müller was quoted on the club website www.hc-leipzig.de.

For HCL manager Kay-Sven Hähner the full package of job and handball was the key for Müller’s signature under her new contract.

“A player of this level fits to every top club in the world. She could have stayed in Ljubljana or could have even earned more money at Györ, if she had wanted to. She relinquishes a lot of money to play for us and she had knowingly decided for her business future. This is a part of her development and her responsibility for her life and career. It is great that we can profit,” Hähner said.

HC Leipzig is currently aiming to qualify for the EHF Champions League again. After the regular season and before the play-offs start with the quarter-finals, the German record champion finished second  below Champions League participant Thüringer HC - after changing the coach from Dane to Dane: After Stefan Madsen quit two weeks ago, now his country-fellow Thomas Ørneborg took over, who will also be coaching HCL in the upcoming season.

In September Leipzig had missed the qualification for the Group Phase at the wild card tournament held in Paris, but later made it to the quarter-finals of the EHF Cup, when the German club failed against Rostov.

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