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The first roster freeze will come next Thursday at 16.30.

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Join Handball Manager now, beat 3,000 rivals and win prizes

Nearly 3,000 teams have already been created since the launch of the new managerial game brought to all handball fans by the title sponsor of the VELUX EHF Champions League – the VELUX Group.

All those who have not joined the party in the VELUX Handball Manager Knockout 2013 yet, should not hesitate for too long, because the first roster freeze is looming (14 March, 16:30) and although it will be still possible to enter the game at a later stage, it will be more and more difficult to eventually win the attractive prizes on offer.

The game itself is not rocket science and fans do not need to be handball experts to take part and succeed.

So what ingredients are required in the recipe for a successful player? A great deal of common sense, endurance, accurate information, right judgment, a tea spoon of bravery and a pinch of luck just like any other game…

Each participant has 50 million to spend on seven players initially. The main goal is to increase the team's value as much as possible. This is done primarily by buying players who perform well and thus are capable of increasing their value.

The player´s value soars by 15,000 for each goal scored, but for two minutes suspension it will sink by 25,000. Additional bonuses will increase the value, if a player scores five or ten goals in a match or if his team win or draw, on the other hand the yellow or red cards or team´s defeat mean deduction of points.

For example, if Daniel Narcisse scores six goals against Chekhov, receives one suspension and Kiel lose, the math will be following: 6x15,000 + 15,000 – 25,000 – 10,000 = 70,000 and Narcisse‘s value will increase from 6,500,000 to 6,570,000.

The key is to buy and sell the right players at the right time. Therefore all fans are advised to focus not only on the top goal scorers but on injuries, opponents or coaching strategies as well.

The good example is Ivan Čupić who is currently among the top scorers of the competition with 49 goals. Valued at 10,000,000 he is also one of the most expensive players in the game, but the injury will more than likely prevent him from playing in the Last 16 and having him on the team could be fruitless.

However, if Kielce reach quarter-finals and Croatian winger manages to recover by then, he might be a valuable asset for that round.

Also, fans should try to read the coaching tactics or how big the impact of the chemistry of two rival teams on the game´s picture will be.

Is the match going to be a one-sided affair and the coach of the favourites will be prone to spare the key players on the bench? Is it going to be a fast end-to-end encounter with wingers scoring the most goals from counter-attacks or a slower tug-of-war with well-prepared attacking plans? Is it worth to bet on one team and buy a maximum of four players from it or is it better to spread the choice among more clubs to lower the risk in case of a shocking defeat of a favourite.

These are the kind of questions that should be asked before clicking on the “Buy a player” button.

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