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EHF Court of Appeal releases decision regarding the appeal from HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb

Appeal decision released

The EHF Court of Appeal has released a decision regarding the appeal lodged by the club HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb against the EHF Court of Handball decision of 15 February 2013.

The decision of the EHF Court of Handball is upheld, therefore, the appeal is rejected and the result of the VELUX EHF Champions League 2012/13 match: HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb vs. HC DINAMO-Minsk which took place on Saturday 9 February 2013 is confirmed.

The Panel found that referee decisions based on the facts in accordance with the Rules of the Game, including those based on the EHF delegate’s recommendations, shall be final.

Even though the EHF legal bodies have the right to make adjustments, the violation of the rules must have an essential and crucial influence on the final result of the match in order to require the EHF legal bodies to impose an annulment, a correction or a match replay.

In this case, the EHF Court of Appeal did not find that the violation of the Rules of the Game justified such adjustments.

In line with the EHF Legal Regulations and the VELUX EHF Champions League 2012/13 Regulations, a statement of claim may be filed by any of the parties to the EHF Court of Arbitration (ECA) within 21 days.

ECA is an independent court of arbitration solving disputes between handball related persons and entities once all EHF internal remedies have been exhausted.

The disputes brought to the ECA are settled by an arbitral chamber composed of three arbitrators, part of the ECA list of arbitrators, following a specific procedure defined in the Rules of Arbitration for ECA. Further information can be found on the ECA.

Further information can be found on the ECA website.

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