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Croatian international believes in a successful season with Krim after she recovered from an injury.

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Penezić: We can go all the way to the final

It has been unexpected pleasure, explains Croatian international Andrea Penezić after Krim has had magnificent start in EHF Champions League Main Round.

Two matches, two wins. What a fantastic start to Main Round for Ljubljana-based squad. Slovenian team were really struggling in Group Matches and they sneaked through to the next stage only thanks to the victory in the last round. No wonder they did not know what to expect after the winter break.

"We are more than happy. Both against Zvezda and Vâlcea you could prepare as thoroughly as it gets, but you could still lose anyway. However, we showed great 120 minutes," said Penezić. She scored 11 goals against Vâlcea and five in Russia.

She is satisfied with her performance, but "we finally got all together. Injured players are back, we could train properly and find our rhythm."

Lucky Croatian went through huge pain against Vâlcea but medical test denied any suspicion of an arm injury. "Thanks God, nothing is torn or broken. It just hurt a bit, but I have already resumed training," she described the situation.

Admitting Krim is getting better from match to match, her wishes are constantly growing to new heights.

"I think we are on a good way to the top. Our team are awesome. We have all positions well-balanced. We can keep our pace nowadays, two player on each position is worth a million."

However, nothing is set yet. "It is a long way to the semi-final and final. But we believe we can reach it,"  said 27-year old player.

After Zvezda and Vâlcea, Hungarian FTC is waiting for them. This weekend in Budapest first match will be played. "Ferencváros is a surprise. I think it is the best team in our group at the moment. Now we have to focus only on this match. We want to be ready for another two points," Croatian star hoped.

If they could maintain the high level of their defensive play that could give an opportunity for Krim's goalkeepers to save more shots and team could continue on the winning track, thinks Penezić, who hopes for  the best result in her club's career now.

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