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Blog post from Nerea Pena about the upcoming campaign in the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round. She also sends greetings to injured star Neagu

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BLOG: Kiss for Cristina

FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria's new Spanish star Nerea Pena signed from Spanish side Grupo Asfi Itxako Navarra this season.

In her second blog for the 23 year-old right back speaks of the recent EHF EURO campaign and the upcoming Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round.

„I have bad feelings when I’m thinking back to EHF EURO 2012. We have travelled to Serbia with plans to fight for the gold at the end and play a good championship and we failed…

But I have to say I always go to the national team with pleasure, because my very good friends are playing there.

When I returned to my club, of course, all players, who had been in Serbia, were a bit tired in January. But we are slowly taking the neccessary rhythm that is needed to play in the Champions League.

We are waiting for the next tasks well-prepared, because we all know this will be the most important period of the season.

Right in our first clash of the Main Round in Vâlcea on Sunday it is going to be a very serious match. If we possibly came home with a victory, it would give us a great power to the next matches.

It also would mean a big step forward to reach one of the first to places in our group. So I guess this will be the most important match for us in Main Round where we must fight until the end.

I’m waiting for a really hard fight of all teams in our group. I don’t think that any of us is better than the others. So we all have the chance to qualify to the best four teams of this season. All our home matches will be crucial. If we lose a point at home it would count later on.

I guess Ferencváros and Vâlcea will qualify to the semi-finals from our group, but anyhing can happen. There are also highly trained teams in the other group. If I would listen to my heart I would support Randers because my good friend Macarena Aguilar is playing there. But I guess Larvik and Győr have the best chance to qualify. And I hope only the best teams will reach the semi-finals.

At last, I want to send all my positive energy to Cristina Neagu. I think she is a very good player and hasn’t deserved another injury like this. Kiss for you and get well soon, Cristina."

TEXT: Nerea Pena, the right back of FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria