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Ambros Martín and Raphaëlle Tervel speak to about their season to date and the upcoming challenges in the Main Round

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Győr players seek revenge for final

Saturday, 2 February will see a repeat of last season's Women’s EHF Champions League final as Győri Audi ETO KC host Budućnost in their first Main Round game.

The Hungarian team's Spanish coach, Ambros Martín, said before the season began, that they have to reach top-form to February or March. Now that the time has come, he speaks to about how his team has progressed.

"We still have a bit time to reach it, but it depends on several factors. For example injuries that annoyed us in the recent past.

“If everything will go just as we have planned we can achieve our target. The most important thing is to work hard day by day and improve to the next training."

Győr have won every domestic match so far this season. The constant success has been positive for their confidence, but the lack of tough competition could cause a problem in tight situations.

"First of all I have to emphasize our team has done an outstanding job. It's a very nice thing, but already in the past.

“For us it's not important, but always the present and the best things are just in front of us. I'm not afraid of defeat, because we can always learn more from a defeat than a victory. Too much praise and mollycoddling could disrupt us," explained Martín.

He also speaks about the upcoming match against Budućnost and knows that his team have to find a balance in how they approach the match.

“For one thing we will be at least as aggressive as they are. On the other hand, and this is most important, we will use our intelligence.”

Defence specialist Raphaëlle Tervel, who is also member of the French national team, moved to Győr at the beginning of the season and has been fully integrated into the team since her arrival.

"I feel very well in the team, both on and off the court. I found my place in the squad, I feel good in defence, we understand each other more and more in defence in every system we use.

“We take great pleasure in defending now, at every game the defence is the main goal."

Tervel says her expectation is to win their first match in the Main Round.

"It's going to be a special game for a lot of girls, all those who were here last year. For them it's probably going to be a kind of revenge, and for everyone it will be a good opportunity to make a good start in this second round.

“I think this will be the toughest game since the beginning of the season. We have won everything so far, but on Saturday we will face a better opponent and we will have to increase our level to win. But it's good to finally play such a game."

When asked about the favourites for the competition, the 33-year-old thinks that two teams tower above the rest, but that naturally, anything could happen.

"I think Győr and Vâlcea. That's what I have said since the beginning of the season. I still think those two teams are the best on the paper, but in sport many things happen and it doesn't mean they will be in the final. After Győr and Vâlcea, I think Larvik and Budućnost have the best chances."

Further information
Györi Audi ETO KC's opening Women's EHF Champions League Main Round game against Budućnost Podgorica can be viewed live on on Saturday, 2 February at 16:00 CET.

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