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No calculations for Budućnost, only a victory counts against Viborg

Only a victory is the way to be sure of a place in the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round. That’s a goal of Budućnost on Sunday in the last game in Group D in order to avoid all other calculations. With a win against Viborg HC, reigning champions will be at least second in the group, regardless of the final result of the other game between Thüringer HC and Zvezda Zvenigorod.

The Montenegrin title holders could also finish first if Thüringer HC defeats Zvezda Zvenigorod. A draw against Viborg would be also enough for Main Round presence if THC fail to beat Zvezda. Finally, even a defeat could not be costly if the Russian side gets a win in Germany.

“We have a very difficult task on Sunday, a very strong game. Regardless of the fact they have no points so far, we know that Viborg always fights till the end, no matter if they can get a win or not. They have a large base of quality players, especially on back position.

"We know it will be much harder than in Viborg, but we are prepared for them, as we were before the first game. I hope that we can achieve our goal, we will play like we can and repeat the defense from the game in Denmark, especially the last 15 minutes,” stated left wing Majda Mehmedović, who scored four goals in the first game against Viborg HK.

Although before the game they will know what result they will need (the game in Germany is scheduled four hours earlier), Budućnost want to keep their fate in their own hands rather than rely on others to do them favours and celebrate a place in the Main Round with a victory against Viborg.

“Last season Budućnost had a winning spirit, we believe it will be also that way this season. I'm sorry that we put ourself in the situation to decide about the place in the Main Round in the very last game. But, that’s sports and I believe that we will correct all mistakes we made in previous games.

"We all know Viborg is a very good team, with good players. It will be difficult, but we believe that our fans, who last season were our “eighth player”, will support us in the best possible way in the most important game,” added line player Suzana Lazović.

Budućnost defeated Viborg in Denmark (26:20), making a big surprise at the time. That could probably be a key victory for the Main Round.
“Viborg is an exceptional team, no matter they didn’t prove that this season. They certainly have a quality to be at least in the Main Round, but that’s their problem why they didn’t make it. We know that first time this season in CL will play Norvegian line player Marit Malm Frafjord, who won everything with Viborg and her national team," the coach Dragan Adžić said.

"Anita Bulath is also back in the Viborg’s team. They have six excelent backs, while we had complicated situation in last two-three weeks due to injuries. But, I believe that we will play this game with the best possible team at the moment in order to compete Viborg in the right way. It’s a huge success for this generation of Budućnost that we left behind us in the group table a team such as Viborg, who have done great things in the past, with players with great experience behind them, and having brought great reinforcements in the summer," Adžić added.

"But we have a goal, and our objective is to beat Viborg on Sunday, although it’s realistic to be more difficult than in Viborg. I would like our fans to come and support our young team and help us to reach the Maind Round. If we do so, in the spring our fans will have at least three more times to enjoy in excellent handball against some top teams,” concluded the coach of defending champions.

Claudine Mendy and Jelena Živković have some problems with injuries, but they should be in the team on Sunday, while injured Jelena Trifunović will miss the game, like seven days earlier against Zvezda. Good news for Podgorica is that German goalkeeper Clara Woltering, who missed the game with Zvezda because of contusion of right hand, is back in the team, although she is not completely recovered.

“Woltering still does not train with the right hand, but the last game we managed to rest her. She’s in the combination for this game, to help a team. It would be good to have her on the same level like it was the case agains Thüringer HC, but it’s still not realistic to have her on goal. Anyway, she, like all other players who have some problems with injuries, will be available to give a help to a team,” added Adžić.

TEXT: Saša Jončić / br