BLOG: I will be back soon, stronger than beforeArticle
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Miranda Tatari tells of her successful year, ended by a long-term knee injury

BLOG: I will be back soon, stronger than before

Hello everyone for the first time!

This year was marked by every athlete’s biggest dream, the Olympic Games in London. When we qualified for the Olympic Games, I told myself “this is the beginning”.

After a few unsuccessful seasons with Podravka and a relatively successful time with the national team, we entered a new chapter. 

A part of my sporting dreams came true, Olympic Games, wow, that was a real experience. The first Olympics in my life were also a motivation to make something big happen in the upcoming season.

When I came back to the team, there was not too much time to be sad and reflect on the experience in London, all my thoughts were focused on the Champions League.

After we got drawn in the tough group, my first reaction was, “just stay in Europe until Spring.” Alongside Gyor and Krim, it was too brave to talk about the first two positions in the group, not because I do not believe in my team, rather because these two teams have much bigger budgets and can afford all the players they want. Podravka is not in that situation, but through these years we bought one big heart!

We began the Champions League in the best possible way. Defeat in Gyor was expected, but we played well, we fought and that was the most important thing. The first home win against Krim gave us a big injection of self-confidence. That continued with two victories over Romanian side Cluj.

Just when you think that everything is perfect, something happens that frightens you the most happens, Injury! An injury to any girl in our squad is a big handicap, because we have a small bench.

Younger players have not got enough experience and practice, so when some older players are out, it reflects on our performance immediately.  I was really worried how the match against Cluj would end, because we played without a playmaker.

That is why I forced the physio to bandage me during half-time to try to help team mates, but the knee would not let me play, so I had to sit it out.

Fortunately, we saw the big heart of Podravka through to the end of the match. I am so proud on them, my girls are heroes!

We lost our last match against Gyor, where unfortunately, I was only able to give moral support. However, we were not expecting to take points from them.

Our focus is the match in Ljubljana. We need a good result and I still believe in the coach and the girls. They won't go there with a white flag, but even if we do not manage to secure second place, it is the not end of the world. Our first task is complete, spring in Europe.

I have to share my sadness with you, dear readers. It is never easy, when you have to spend time without handball.

The moment when I twisted my knee, I did not think that something serious had happened.  That is why I tried to play again.

The day after on the road to the doctor in Zagreb, I was also positive, but then my hopes came to an end.

I have to admit that the doctor was also surprised with the diagnoses, because my knee was strong and stable. I still can't believe that I ruptured my cruciate ligament.

I feel very bad because I left my girls and the coach before the crucial match, but I will repeat once again, I have faith and I am sure that they can do it!

C'mon girls, Miranda is with you!

Another very important thing is that I will not play at the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia, but in the national team situation is quite different.

There are a lot of players who can replace me in the team. Despite the injuries to Andrea Penezić who is a big loss to the team and myself, I believe that Croatia can go far.

I will be giving moral support to both my teams. Do not forget me, I will be back soon, stronger than before.

TEXT: Miranda Tatari, HC Podravka Vegeta centre back