Szandra Zácsik has shoulder operationArticle
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FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria's left back has a shoulder operation right before the match against Dinamo.

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Szandra Zácsik has shoulder operation

The Hungarian national team's left back had pain in her right shoulder for a long time and her condition became worse after a serious clash on the match against IK Savehof.

Zácsik’s plan was to have it operated on after the group matches. However, the situation became urgent, after being unable to move her arm and surgery was necessary immediately.

As it is the second surgery on the same shoulder, a complete recovery is questionable, although the 22 year-old player remains hopeful. She was already in attendance to support her team against Dinamo in Dabas.

"I am getting better and better," explained Zácsik to FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria' official site (

"The doctors removed the tubes from my shoulder on Friday. It was quite painful, but now I am okay.

“I felt very tired because I could not sleep at night due to the anesthesia. My doctor said the surgery turned out well, and they could fix my shoulder.

“Thinking positively, I could recover in five months but it can be longer, depending on how fast my shoulder will heal," added Zácsik.

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