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German goalkeeper of Budućnost will miss the next match against Zvezda, but still believes in her team.

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Woltering: We are a powerful fighting force

After a great victory against Thüringer HC, Budućnost is a step away from the Main Round of Women´s EHF Champions League. Reigning champions need just two points from the last two games in Group D, against Zvezda Zvenigorod or Viborg HK, to secure a place in the next stage.

In the interview with ehfCL.com, German goalkeeper Clara Woltering, one of the key players on the road to the EHF Champions League title, talks about the Budućnost’s results so far, about the problems with her injuries and expectations for the further participation in the EHF Champions League.

ehfCL.com: You defeated Thüringer HC by eight goals (23:15) and played much better than in Germany where you lost the first game this season in  the EHF Champions League (24:20). How do you explain such a difference between two games, what did change in the second game in Podgorica?
Clara Woltering: I think we were more concentrated in the second game and we have determined the fate of game from the beginning. We knew the strength of Thüringer HC, but this time we didn’t allow them to show their full strength like in the first game. We were determined to win at home and more energetic in attack than in Germany.

ehfCL.com: You have lot of problems with injuries, severe contusion of right hand and thumb distortion on left hand. Despite medical advice to rest, you, however, decided to play against Thüringer HC in Podgorica. Why did you insist to play and risk aggravation of injuries?
Clara Woltering: The problem was that all three goalkeepers had some injuries. Also, I wanted to help my team, to give them my power I was feeling. My wish is to reach the Main round and I will do everything for that.

ehfCL.com: What is the situation now, are you going to play the next two games?
Clara Woltering: I will not play against Zvezda. I need to rest now, but I hope to be back as soon as possible.

ehfCL.com: With three victories in four games, Budućnost is very close to the Main round. Having in mind all the changes in the team in the summer, did you expect such results this season?
Clara Woltering: The team has changed a lot and it was difficult to predict how much we could do this season. In addition, the preparation period was hampered because of Olympic Games. But, I think all the players and coaches will get the best out of the team.

ehfCL.com: Since you are not playing on Sunday in Russia against Zvezda Zvenigorod, who you defeated in Podgorica by 29:21, and Elena Gjorgijevska and Dragana Cvijić are missing too, how do you see the chances of Budućnost to get a positive result and secure a place in the Main Round after this game?
Clara Woltering: I believe in this team.

ehfCL.com: Last year you missed just one game, and interestingly it was exactly on 11 November, the same date Budućnost is playing on Sunday against Zvezda Zvenigorod. Budućnost lost that game…
Clara Woltering: Really? You have a good statistic. But the team will change the history!

ehfCL.com: What do you think about the new team and how far can go Budućnost this season in EHF Champions League?
Clara Woltering: We have a very young team with lot of potential. In the previous games we proved that we are a powerful fighting force. Nevertheless, we don’t have the experience from last season, but we'll get this step by step. Of course, we want to go as far as possible.

ehfCL.com: Were you surprised being elected captain of the team and how do you feel in this role?
Clara Woltering: It’s a great honor for me to be a captain of this team. During the history of the club, many great personalities have been captain of Budućnost. What I had in mind at the beginning was that it could be a problem since I don´t speak the language perfectly. But the team is helping me a lot. The girls and all the staff makes me feel good as captain.

ehfCL.com: You are now more than a year in Budućnost. What are your impressions about the club, about Podgorica and Montenegro?
Clara Woltering: I collected so much good impressions about the country and the people in Montenegro. I came to a great club, into a great team and got a chance to develop further. Therefore last summer I decided to extend the contract for one more year, until the end of this season.

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