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Zvezda Zvenigorod’s Hungarian line player Valéria Szabó speaks of upcoming challenges, and homesickness

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Fighting against homesickness

Russian outfit Zvezda Zvenigorod are currently second in Group D after two matches in the EHF Champion’s League. spoke with Hungarian national team line player of former European club champions Valéria Szabó ahead of their upcoming match against Viborg. How did you feel after qualifying for the Women's EHF Champions League 2012/13?
Valéria Szabó: We were preparing well for the qualification group because we knew we could win. We were very happy because we all knew that HC Leipzig were also going all out to qualify. You lost by eight goals to Budućnost in the first match in Group D. What were your thoughts about that?
Valéria Szabó: Our first match didn’t happen as we had planned. Our attack and defence were not functioning, although we had prepared for the massive atmosphere in the arena. How many chances on court have you got from your coach Zdravko Zovko so far?
Valéria Szabó: I have been playing mainly in defence and fast breaks. I also attacked a few times against Thüringer HC, and I would like to play in attack more, because I did not have too much chance to do it so far. How unusual is the Russian style of handball to a Hungarian player? Is it very different?
Valéria Szabó: It is a bit strange that there are not such a lot of tactical sequences. We have a basic movement, but then you have to decide for yourself how to continue it. I guess the players have to know each other really well to do this. I guess this kind of play shows the typical "Zovko mentality". Really I cannot say what a typical Russian playing style is. We always have training in the morning of the match days and that is a bit unusual for me as I have never been in this situation. We have a lot more tactical moves in Hungary and we still can vary it at the end - I prefer that kind of play. How do you feel yourself in Russia?
Valéria Szabó: I miss the atmosphere of the Hungarian arenas. The Hungarian fans always make a special mood for the matches and I miss that kind of audience in Russia. I have a very good relationship with my team mates, but it is very hard to fight against homesickness. What are your expectations before Sunday's match against Viborg?
Valéria Szabó: We have prepared by watching the Danish team on video for hours. We have analysed what Viborg do in specific situations. I guess the key will be our defence again - if it will work well then anything could happen. I am happy to meet Anita Bulath who plays for Viborg and also my team mate in the Hungarian national team, and our coach, Karl Erik Bøhn will also visit our match.


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