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High expectations before the start of the season were blown away by a long list of injuries at Krim Mercator, where the players are still in shock after team-mate Daniela Piedade's stroke.

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Every game is for ‘Dani’

Almost half of Krim's team changed before the start of this season, and expectations were high. But with their long injury list they will now be happy to reach the Group Phase.

Andrea Penezić (awaiting surgery), Maja Šon, Carmen Martin, Nina Wörz are on the long list of injured players. Brazilian international Daniela Piedade suffered a stroke less than a month ago, causing total shock from which Ljubljana's team are still recovering.

"This is a difficult time for us, just hours before the first game we didn’t know who would be able to play," explains Barbara Lazović. She played 60 minutes and scored eight goals on the way to victory against Cluj just days ago.

"Our defence is playing really well but we have some difficulties in attack while many players are injured. We don’t really have enough players in training sessions and have to combine in games," 24-year-old Slovenian international Lazović said.

Krim won their first game, and goes for their next two points this weekend when they will go to Koprivnica.

"There are no secrets among us,” added Lazović. “Krim and Podravka are traditional rivals. Both have problems with player rotation. I think Sunday's game will be decided in the final few minutes, small details will be crucial.”

The Slovenian left-handed player was absent for just less than a year because of pregnancy, but has returned at full strength and added: “I feel strong, I trained hard and want to play on high level. But I have to admit it is complicated situation, being a good mother and a professional player is not easy to combine. I try to spend as much time as possible with my son and husband. But handball is still one of my loves."

Barbara Lazović is happy with the team’s start and wants to continue that. But the shock after Daniela Piedade’s stroke hasn’t gone yet. “When something like that happens to someone who is close to you, the shock is enormous,” she added. “Luckily Dani is getting better. We honoured our first victory to her, and will do the same in all other games.”

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