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On Thursday Serbian shooter returns with his new club THW Kiel to Veszprém, where it all started

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Vujin and the handball-crazy cities

236 goals in the past five VELUX EHF Champions League seasons – Marko Vujin (28) is what you call a “typical Balkan shooter”. After five years at MKB Veszprém the left handed Serbian made the next step in his career – and moved to defending VELUX EHF Champions League title holder THW Kiel before this season.

On Thursday he will return to Veszprém – for the clash of co-leaders of Group B, which both have won their first three matches, including an away victory at Madrid each.

In the interview with Vujin talks about his start at Kiel and two cities, which are identical in one point: handball-madness. You played for five years for MKB Veszprém before moving to Kiel. Is it going to be something very special when you return for the Group Phase match of the VELUX EHF Champions League on Thursday?
Marko Vujin: Of course, as after all I had lived there until three months ago. A lot of friends will come and I am really looking forward to show my new team-mates from Kiel the city of Veszprem. This city is as handball-crazy as Kiel. Have you already settled in your new home-town?
Marko Vujin: I know Kiel quite well now. I know what I get where and where I have to go. In the first days I needed my GPS for every trip. And I am progressing in German so I enjoy to speak with people in Kiel in their language. What are the most impressive things for you in Kiel?
Marko Vujin: The team is fantastic, everybody is giving me a helping hand. This is brilliant as the start became much easier for me. In the THW squad we do not only have great players, but great characters, so I am really proud to be part of this team. But people in Kiel are even more impressive. You can feel it everywhere that Kiel is a city of handball, and my first matches on home ground were even more touching, as it is incredible to have all matches attended by 10.285 spectators, no matter the opponent. What was the reason for your transfer?
Marko Vujin: I wanted to play for a big club, now I am part of the best club of the world. Every professional handball player has the goal to once be part of the THW squad. This was a huge step in my career, as I want to improve and to reach the biggest possible objectives. What is your opinion about your new coach Alfred Gislason?
Marko Vujin: I am working with the best handball coach on earth, an he requires my performance also in defence. If you want to become a complete player, you need to be a strong defender too. Now I am getting more and more secure in defence. Besides, team captain Marcus Ahlm helps me to improve. I hope that I can give a little of the trust Alfred Gislason had in me back to him. What will be the keys to success on Thursday in Veszprém?
Marko Vujin: If we stand strong in defence we will have the power and opportunities to score easy goals by counter-attacks. So the defence is the key. And I will do all I can to return successfully to Kiel.

TEXT: Christian Robohm, Björn Pazen / br