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No change in the leadership of the Women´s EHF Champions League reigning champions

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Predrag Bošković re-elected President of Budućnost

With an unanimous majority of the votes in his favour, Predrag Bošković was elected as the president of Budućnost on Wednesday evening, and will stand for another four years.

The decision was not a surprise because under Bošković's presidency since December 2006, the club has achieved the greatest successes in the club's history.

Budućnost won the Cup Winners´ Cup in 2010, won the Regional League three times in a row from 2010-12, and capped it all in May when the Montenegrin champions finally got the Women´s EHF Champions League title, after defeating Hungarian Györi Audi ETO KC in the final.

"Budućnost, of course, deserves their hard work and success to go on, and I hope that we can provide that in the future,” said Bošković. “We have thought for a while how and with what team to provide all that and we came to the mutual decision to continue the work from where we left off, with the inevitable changes in the management.

“I believe that Budućnost can repeat the result from the last season in the Champions League in the next four-year cycle, otherwise I would not have agreed to remain in the club and be part of this story," Bošković told, adding that the club's budget for next season will be reduced by 30 per cent.

Bošković has also been president of the Montenegrin Handball Federation since 2011, while on 22 June of this year he was elected member of the Executive Committee of the European Handball Federation.

"It will be much harder than before, but we were never afraid of challenges. For the new season we have a new, young team that will be the backbone of Budućnost in the new four-year cycle. I believe in this team, that's why I am still part of it," he added.

Besides Bošković, the new Board of Directors at Budućnost includes Budimir Stanišić, Miodrag Ivanović, Milovan Đuričković, Radenko Purić, Dejan Krivec, Vladimir Beratović, Miodrag Zeković, Miodrag Strugar, Raško Konjević, Petar Popović, Milica Vukotić, Nikola Petrović and Ljubo Stanaj.

TEXT: Saša Jončić