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Brazilian international collapsed before test match and was in coma

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Krim under shock after stroke of Piedade

Daniela Piedade (33) suffers a stroke. In the warm-up before a test match against Podravka Vegeta in Ljubljana on Saturday the Brazilian international did not feel well, came to the bench and collapsed, saying that she could not feel parts of her body, before she lapsed into a coma. Luckily the club doctor was close and directly started his medical assistance, diagnosing a stroke, before Piedade was brought to hospital.

In a first official statement RK Krim confirmed that Piedade started to speak again, when her boyfriend arrived on Sunday. “It is much too early to give a prognosis about Daniela’s future,” club director Goran Dujić was quoted. “No one knows how long the recovery will take. Our team will play for her now. Never before she had any health problems,” Dujić added.

After ten years at Hypo Niederösterreich, Piedade transferred to the Slovenian record champions before this season.

TEXT: Björn Pazen /br