Viborg rely on their power of willArticle
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Danish club wants to overcome all kind of troubles and reach the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches

Viborg rely on their power of will

Viborg HK who won the silver medal in the Danish championship last season have been seriously hit by injuries at the start of this season. Just before the start of season one of the team´s greatest profiles, German right back Grit Jurack had to end her career due to a serious shoulder injury.

Then, before the first league game had even been played, the club´s new right back, Norwegian international Amanda Kurtovic was sidelined for at least four months with another shoulder injury – and when Viborg host Qualification Tournament 3 for the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches a heel injury means that left winger Maria Fisker will also be missing.

At the same time, head coach Martin Albertsen has had to integrate new goalkeepers in his squad, as both keepers from last season – Christina Pedersen and Louise Bager Due – have left. They have been replaced by three new keepers; French international Cleopatre Darleux, Swedish international Cecilia Grubström and the young Danish talent Søs Søby.

In spite of all these challenges, Viborg have won their first four matches in the Danish league this season. Head coach Martin Albertsen talked to ahead of the upcoming weekend´s CL qualifiers. Where do you feel that your team stands before the CL qualifiers?
Martin Albertsen: "Of course, it is a handicap to be missing Grit and Amanda as well as Maria, but so far this season the remaining players have been very good at making an extra effort to fill out the gaps. Our will power have taken us through this far, and the same will power will also have to take us through to the Champions League." On top of the injuries you have also had to integrate completely new goalkeepers. How well do you think you have succeeded with that process?
Martin Albertsen: "I think that part has gone very well. Obviously, Cleo (Cleoptatre Darleux) has turned out to be our first-choice keeper, with Cecilia Grubström as number two and very talented Søs Søby as third keeper. That part has worked well so far, I think." How do you handle having three goalkeepers? Do you rotate or how do you go about that?
Martin Albertsen: "I practice a certain rotation principle, but our third keeper Søs Søby has had a lot of injury trouble over the past two years, so she basically needs to rebuild her body and her physical strength more than she needs to get match practice right now. She has to take care of herself in order to become one of Denmark´s best keepers within a few years." Your opponents Saturday was LC Brühl and after overcoming this hurdle (30:14), Bera Bera or Laczpol will be waiting Sunday. How do you see your chances to proceed to the group phase?
Martin Albertsen: "We are definitely happy to have the home advantage and to be looking forward to some support from our home crowd, as we expect a tough weekend! The second day seems to be tough in particular. Bera Bera as well as the Polish champions (Laczpol, ed.) are very strong teams.Of course we can take a closer look at them, and that will be an advantage, of course! We have some video material on all the teams, but it will be an advantage to see them live. No matter how, though, we will need the support from our spectators and – once again – our will power, as we are very determined to qualify for Champions League Group Matches."

TEXT: Peter Bruun /br