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New handball project in Denmark as the new club 'KIF København' is announced

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AG players create new jobs for themselves

Three former Danish internationals who were, until recently, playing for AG København – goalkeeper Kasper, defence specialists Joachim Boldsen and Lars Jørgensen – have found themselves new jobs.

As a matter of fact they have more or less created the jobs themselves. The trio is joining Denmark´s most successful team ever, KIF Kolding, which has won the Danish championship 12 times and the Danish Cup 7 times in the last 25 years.

Together with KIF Kolding director Jens Boesen, the three players have managed to finance a new project by establishing agreements with a number of AG København´s former sponsors. 

The arrangement entails that KIF Kolding change their name to KIF København, and that the team plays some of its home matches in Copenhagen, although the capital is more than 230 kilometres away from Kolding.

In recent years, KIF Kolding has experienced serious financial difficulties and the club has not won a title since 2009. The sponsorship from the former AG sponsors should solve the financial situation.

“I think this may become even bigger than AG København was, as the team will consist of some players who have played together for several years. I think we can win titles and put our mark on Danish and European handball!” said  Joachim Boldsen, as the new team was announced.

“A team for the whole of Denmark”

“The idea is to play half of the home matches in the east of Denmark and the other half in the west. We are going to be a team for the whole of Denmark, and therefore there may even be a game in Odense, in the middle of the country, too. Kolding has been in the Champions League eight times and we would like to be there eight times more!” explained KIF Kolding director Jens Boesen.

In their squad, KIF Kolding already have players such as Danish internationals Bo Spellerberg and Kasper Irming as well as former Danish international Lasse Boesen and Croatian keeper Venio Losert who was part of his country´s bronze winning team at the London Olympic Games this summer.

Head coach Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen is going to be in charge of the new team, and he characterises the challenge of integrating the new players on such short notice as “an interesting task”. The Danish league starts on September 5. The club starts its European season in mid-September with their first round matches in the EHF Cup against Great Dane London.

The people behind the project are also trying to interest former THW Kiel star Kim Andersson in the team. The former Swedish international was supposed to play for AG København in the upcoming season, but it is still unknown, if the experienced right back chooses to play for KIF København or not, as he is reported to have other offers.

TEXT: Peter Bruun