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Reactions to the draw of the Group Matches of the WOMEN'S EHF Champions League.

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Reactions to the draw

The draw for the WOMEN’S EHF Champions League Group Matches was made at the headquarters of adidas in Herzogenaurach, Germany, on Friday, 6th July 2012.

Here are some reactions to the draw:


I hope that we will reach the final again. It will be though but you never know, maybe it’s possible.

This year, we have some younger players, that are very good and I think that we will have a strong team again.

In our home matches no one can beat us and I think that it will stay the same in this season. Our arena is always full.

Erno Kelecsenyi, President Györi Audi ETO KC:

We have a good group. We know two of the teams since we have a long partnership with these clubs but they have a lot of new players this season and I think it will be two new teams in October.

Of course, it is important to know who will be the fourth team in our group.

We will go step by step. We have a new coach and we will have more new players. We need to form a new team and I hope that 3 months will be enough for us to prepare our team for the Champions League.

Rüdiger Osterloh, IK Sävehof:

It’s the second time that both, our men’s and women’s team are in the Champions League and we are very proud that we could achieve this.

For women and men, in this stage of the competition, there are no easy groups. You may have the favour of a short journey or things like that but otherwise it’s difficult. There are only tough groups.

But I think we can be satisfied. We have great teams for the audience and we will see what we can achieve.

Herbert Müller, coach, Thüringer HC:

It’s always nice to play against the best. From the top teams, maybe Buducnost is the best we could get.

I think if you play in the Champions League you have to defeat the best and that’s why I like to have a strong group.

The experience we got last season is very important. Being in the Champions League for the first time was very hard for us. Everything was new, the teams were very strong and I hope that, with the experience of last year, we can do better this season.