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Prime Minister of Montenegro congratulates club

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Budućnost continues to receive accolades for their European victory

By winning the first EHF Women's Champions League trophy in the club’s history, Budućnost confirmed their status as one of the best Montenegrin sports clubs and the plaudits for this huge success are still coming in nearly a week after their victory on Sunday (13 May).


Following a short rest after match, and no doubt celebrations, the players and coaching staff have been spending time on official duties. Following one of the biggest wins in the history of Montenegrin handball, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Igor Lukšić praised the players, coaching staff and management of Budućnost in an official ceremony.

"I want congratulate you on your win, and I hope you will take this win with honour," he told the members of Budućnost.

"We are proud that you put Montenegro on the map. Even though I was with you in the hall, I wanted personally to thank you because you have given us a European title of the highest calibre", Lukšić added.

"You have reached long-time goal and gave Europe a great example of how battles are to be fought on the handball court."

"You have also shown the whole of Montenegro how the game should be played and how far the club has come, but also how through individual and team play the greatest results can be achieved" Lukšić added to the 26-member delegation from Budućnost.

The Prime Minister wished the Budućnost players who are in the national team of Montenegro, all the best for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


"As you know, there is not much time for relaxation (following your victory); because of the qualification tournament for the Olympics, you will not have much time for rest" he said.

"The London mission is ahead of us, our water polo team is also preparing for it. I also had the pleasure of congratulating them on their recent success."

"Do Montenegro proud in London, wear the Montenegrin flag and sing the Montenegrin anthem with pride" he concluded.

Mehmedović recieves hospital visit

Following the reception the whole squad went to the hospital to visit the injured left winger Majda Mehmedović, who missed the second leg of the EHF Women's Champions League Final.


Two days before the second leg, Mehmedović was accidentally hit in the neck by Katarina Bulatović's elbow and could not breathe properly due to the injury she received.

“Thank God, the physiotherapist Vlado Gapić was on hand and could help me to start breathing again”, said Mehmedović, who was, of course, disappointed that she missed the most important day of the season.

Despite the disappointment, she was also delighted to see her teammates coming to visit her along with the EHF Women's Champions League trophy.

“They did not tell me I could not play until the last minute" she explained. "I was full of excitement and desire to go and play the final game. I would like to thank my team-mates, and to congratulate them and the coaching staff on the victory"

"I would also like to thank all the people in the hall who were thinking about me, depite the fact I was not present in the Moraca Hall", added Mehmedović, who is set to miss the Olympic qualification tournament in Lyon, from 25 to 28 May.


TEXT: Saša Jončić/AMC