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VELUX EHF FINAL4 Ambassador picks out the three top players in each of the teams competing in Cologne.

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Stefan Lövgren’s Top Three

VELUX EHF FINAL4 Ambassador picks the top three players from each of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 teams to see who can make the difference on court at the LANXESS arena.



Kasper Hvidt (Goalkeeper)
Following the absence of Steinar Ege, the complete responsibility is now on Kasper. If he manages to perform as he did against Barcelona in the first leg match, this would be a decisive advantage for Kobenhavn. Obviously, Kasper can draw on his tremendous amount of experience.

Mikkel Hansen (Left Back)
Since the 2011 World Championship, Mikkel has permanently shown that he ranks among the worlds best – especially when it comes to his offensive performance and his repertoire of shots. However, he has taken a significant Step forward in the defence.

Olafur Stefansson (Right Back)
Olafur spent a long time on the injury list, but just at the right time to the highlight of the season, he is back to full fitness. He is one of the rare players that can alone decide an important match. He manages to steer the AG Kobenhavn match from the right back and from there radiates danger as he aims for the net – a perfect playmaker!


Jose Hombrados (Goalkeeper)
With Arpad Sterbik, one of the world’s best goalkeeping teams is complete.

Even at the EHF EURO in Serbia, he gave a sensational performance; a vastly disciplined goalkeeper who always plays to the highest level.

Joan Canellas (Middle Back)
He has made great steps forward over the past two years and played very courageously forward, even if it does not work so well. He is a real bundle of energy.

Julen Aguinagalde (Line Player)
Atletico plays - typically for Spain - with a very modern line player, who makes life difficult for the players up against him.

When facing Aguinagalde, each team will have problems in defence.


Silvio Heinevetter (Goalkeeper)
A wholly unorthodox goalkeeper who thrives on pure emotion and who constantly pushes his team forward with his energy.

Sven-Sören Christopherssen (Left Back)
For the offence, Sven-Sören is a thorny player, who manages to find every gap and thus making it difficult to predict his next move.

He exudes a great amount of confidence, plays relentlessly at a very high level, and never allows a miss to discourage him.

Alexander Petersson (Right Back)
A whirlwind who in offence as well as defence manages to hit important targets.

With his surprise goal attempts and coming into the counter-attack, he is extremely important for Füchse Berlin - I just hope that his shoulder injury does not restrict him.


Thierry Omeyer (Goalkeeper)
Thierry is a winner, who loves the big matches and this is where he delivers his best performances. He has this inherent winner mentality in his blood.

Daniel Narcisse (Left Back)
He has an incredible dynamic, his actions and for the fans his throws especially, are a pleasure to watch, less so for his opponent.

Kim Andersson (Right Back)
Kim has played one of the best seasons of his entire career.

He is one of the world’s best left-handed players. He possesses a magnificent repertoire of shots and his passes are simply genius.