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ASOBAL league title out of Madrid's hands.

Atlético concentrate on Cologne

"Next time we will score the goal in Cologne at the VELUX EHF FINAL4", said Atlético de Madrid playmaker Joan Cañellas following the disappointment his side had in Barcelona on Saturday night (12 May).

As recognised by Atlético coach Talant Dujshebaev, although mathematically Atlético de Madrid can still win the league, their 30:29 victory against their main Spanish rival was not enough for the "rojiblancos" at the Palau Blaugrana as it left the ASOBAL Spanish title in the hands of Barcelona Intersport.
"Hope is the last thing you lose, but we knew we were playing for the league today," said Dujshebaev after the match.
Atlético needed to win by at least two goals in Barcelona, a target that Dujshebaev's players could have reached in last play of the game, however, the shot from Joan Cañellas was unsuccessful.
The difference in goals means that Reale Ademar Leon, who face Barcelona at home in the next round of the ASOBAL and then Atlético in the last round, will now decide who wins the league.
"We cannot depend on ourselves. Ademar have reached their target with their third place finish", said Dujshebaev.

Atlético will start to prepare this week for the VELUX EHF FINAL4 with the hope that in Cologne, luck is on their side, and the decisive shot, unlike what happened in Barcelona at the weekend, will result in a goal, as predicted by Cañellas.

The Spanish side will face AG Kobenhavn in the second semi-final on Saturday 26 May at 18:00 hrs (local time) in the LANXESS arena, Cologne. Germany.

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TEXT: Javier Villanueva