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FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria defend title.
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Hungarian triumph in EHF Women's Cup Winners’ Cup

Viborg HK vs. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
Viborg Stadionhal, Viborg, Denmark

Viborg HK vs. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria 30:31 (60:62 on aggregate)

FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria have defended their title in the EHF Women's Cup Winners’ Cup: After the Hungarians had won the first leg at home against Viborg HK (Denmark) last Sunday (6 May) 31:30 they took the trophy by winning the re-match at Viborg with exactly the same result after a thrilling match.

The host started better with an early 5:2 lead, but then FTC turned the game completely and even could not be stopped by a time-out of Viborg coach Martin Albertsson. His team lost their pace, whilst the Hungarian defence stood strong. Scoring a 9:1 series FTC extended the gap to 11:6 after only 19 minutes. Viborg reduced to 12:15 at the break – but still were far away from the title.

With improving goalkeeper Pedersen Viborg equalized for the first time after the starting period at 21:21 in minute 47. When taking the lead at 25:24 seven minutes before the end by a penalty goal of Isabelle Gullden the hopes were high and Viborg had one hand at the trophy. But FTC stood strong, whilst the Danes caused too many mistakes in attack.

Thanks to three straight goals to 27:25 the Hungarian turned the roller coaster again. And FTC remained in control until the final buzzer despite a very offensive Viborg defence. Scoring the last goal in the final second meant the same result like in the first leg in Dabas – and a huge Hungarian celebration. Even ten goals of Rikke Skov were not enough for Viborg to take the only missing EHF Cup trophy for their cabinet. Szucsansky and Kovacsicz each scored six times for the old and new Cup Winners’ Cup winner.

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TEXT: Björn Pazen