Budućnost close to first EHF Women’s Champions League FinalArticle
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Montenegrins within touching distance.

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Budućnost close to first EHF Women’s Champions League Final

Budućnost have never been so close to a final of the EHF Women’s Champions League. Thanks to their victory in Larvik (22:20) in the first match against the current European champions, the team from Podgorica are two steps closer to their first final in history.

In Budućnost, however, there is no euphoria, because everyone is aware that the match in Norway was only the ‘first half’ of this semi-final.

"We played very well there and we kept to all our plans we made before the game,” said Budućnost left-wing Maja Savić to ehfCL.com.

“It’s important that we won playing our collective game,” she continued. “This always brings a result, like I always say. But, this is only the first half of the encounter and we celebrated the win in Larvik for just a few hours.

“Now, we must forget the first game, and think about the rematch in Podgorica. Larvik play better away and they will be playing relaxed in Podgorica. Because of that we can not celebrate until the end of the second game. Only after a positive result on Sunday, we will be able to say that we are in the final.”

In Larvik, Budućnost played an excellent defensive game and at the finish they claimed victory by two goals, which could prove decisive for a place in the final.

Line player Dragana Cvijić, who played the first game after the injury, said that it was a significant victory for Budućnost.

"It was a tough game as we expected,” she explained to ehfCL.com. “I'm glad that we managed to win the game, despite having one less player on the field in the last two minutes of the game.”

“It will be easier to play in front of our fans in the second leg" said Cvijić.

"I can not wait to play in front of our audience, although in Larvik there was incredible cheering, but the support of our fans is something entirely different.

“We will be prepared even better for Sunday, and play better than in Larvik, where we played only the first half. We didn’t have much time to celebrate; we are only focused on the second match.”

Interestingly, and what can only be a good sign for the Montenegrins, for the first time in club’s history, Budućnost won their first match in eight EHF Women’s Champions League semi-finals.

TEXT: Saša Jončić