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Eight emerging nations battle it out for glory in Bulgaria.

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IHF/EHF Women’s Challenge Trophy 2012 throws-off!

EHF-IHF-2012-Bulgaria-Women-560From Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 March the cities of Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo will be host to the IHF/EHF Women’s Challenge Trophy 2012.

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Armenia, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Malta and hosts Bulgaria will compete in two groups, with the winners going straight through to the final on Sunday 25 March at 4pm (local time).

Group A, which takes place at the Vasil Levski Sports Hall in Veliko Tarnovo, features 2009 runners-up Israel, alongside Faroe Islands, Estonia and Malta.

Home nation Bulgaria will play in Group B at the Orlovetz Hall in Gabrovo with Latvia, Moldova and Armenia making up the four teams.


Group Matches

Group A
Vasil Levski Sports Hall, Veliko Tarnovo

22.03.2012 15:00 Faroe Islands vs. Estonia
22.03.2012 17:30 Israel vs. Malta
23.03.2012 15:00 Malta vs. Faroe Islands
23.03.2012 17:00 Estonia vs. Israel
24.03.2012 14:00 Estonia vs. Malta
24.03.2012 16:00 Faroe Islands vs. Israel

Group B
Orlovetz Hall, Gabrovo

22.03.2012 15:00 Latvia vs. Armenia
22.03.2012 17:30 Bulgaria vs. Moldova
23.03.2012 15:00 Moldova vs. Latvia
23.03.2012 17:00 Armenia vs. Bulgaria
24.03.2012 14:00 Moldova vs. Armenia
24.03.2012 16:00 Bulgaria vs. Latvia

Final Round
Orlovetz Hall, Gabrovo

7/8 Match
25.03.2012 10:00 vs. 4./A GP4./B GP

5/6 Match
25.03.2012 12:00 vs. 3./A GP3./B GP

3/4 Match
25.03.2012 14:00 vs. 2./A GP 2./B GP

25.03.2012 16:00 vs. 1./A GP1./B GP

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TEXT: Andrew McSteen/EHF