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Sävehof’s playmaker hopes they can secure their first away victory and qualify for the Last 16.

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Larsson, Savehof actionA place in the Last 16 of the VELUX EHF Champions League beckons for IK Sävehof. Next Saturday the Swedish champions play at Bosna Sarajevo and a victory would give them a ticket for the knockout stage after their sensational win over Zagreb last weekend.

One of the keys to success at Sävehof is Fredrik Larsson. The back court player returned to his home country before this season after a spell playing in Spain. By scoring 13 goals he paved the way to victory over Zagreb – and he is hoping to help his side secure their first away points of the season, as Larsson tells us in this interview with You scored 13 goals against RK Zagreb – was this the best match of your life?
Fredrik Larsson: It was a great match and it was my best match at this level. It was really fun to play this game. Your goals helped spring one of the biggest surprises so far in this season's VELUX EHF Champions League. Did you expect to beat the internationally more experienced Croats?
Fredrik Larsson: Before we played the first match in the VELUX EHF Champions League, I did not really think we could play so well and win against a team like Zagreb. But after we played a few rounds, I really started to believe that we can beat many teams in our group. Your coach said before this season that Sävehof’s objective is "to perform better than last year". Have you reached that goal yet?
Fredrik Larsson: Yes, that is right. But when we completed that goal we said that we should proceed to the Last 16. When we have the chance, we have to take it! Your team have eight points – did you expect to be so close to the Last 16 round at this moment?
Fredrik Larsson: No, certainly not. We do not have the same resources as the most of the other teams have. Most of the players have to work besides playing handball. What has changed in Sävehof after taking only three points in ten matches last season?
Fredrik Larsson: I really don't know. I did not play here last year, but I think the young players learned a lot last year. We know it takes 110 per cent effort for 60 minutes. You can never relax. Sävehof won all of their eight points on home ground – why are you much stronger in Partille than away?
Fredrik Larsson: We get a nice feeling and feel strong at home. But we also played two good matches away in Zagreb and in Chambery. Next Saturday you will face Bosna in Sarajevo – has the time come to win the first away points?
Fredrik Larsson: Yes, definitely! But for the moment we do not know so much about Sarajevo. They have a lot of problems recently. We are going for the victory. Will you go to Sarajevo thinking that a win would mean qualification for the knock-out stage?
Fredrik Larsson: We go to Sarajevo to win the match. It is our goal right now! What would it mean for IK Sävehof to be among the top 16 European teams?
Fredrik Larsson: It will mean a lot, as it is also very important for club handball in Sweden. You played in Spain before – why did you come back to your home country?
Fredrik Larsson: The economic situation in Spain is bad right now. That is why I left Spain for Sweden.

TEXT: Björn Pazen