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The draw for the 2011/2012 Women's Cup Winner's Cup took place on 14 February 2012 in Vienna.

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2011/12 Women’s Cup Winner's Cup Quarterfinals Draw Results

On Tuesday 14 February 2012 three competitions were drawn in the EHF Headquarters, Vienna (AUT). The draw decided the fixtures that form the quarterfinals played in all three competitions.

The draw of the 2011/12 Women’s Cup Winner's Cup was carried out by the mayor of the Serbian city of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, and Markus Glaser, the EHF Champions League Competitions Senior Manager. 

2011/12 Women’s Cup Winner's  Cup Quarterfinals

In the quarterfinals, eight teams will compete in four pairings with two teams each.  The first leg matches will be played on 03/04 March 2012, with the second leg matches taking place one week later on 10/11 March 2012, and only four winners will proceed to the next competition.


Byasen (NOR)                           VS   HC Leipzig (GER)

RK Zajecar (SRB)                      VS   Dinamo Volgograd (RUS)

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN)  VS    Zvezda Zvenigorod (RUS)

Viborg HK (DEN)                       VS    DVSC-Forum Debrecen (HUN)

Each team that was pulled first from the pair is granted the home right, for example, the home team for the Byasen (NOR) vs. HC Leipzig (GER) match is granted to Byasen.

The first leg matches will be played on 3/4 March 2012, the second leg matches one week later on 10/11 March 2012. The four winners proceed to the next stage, where they are put together with the four top teams in the semi-finals. The fixtures will be drawn on Tuesday, 13 March 2012.

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