Amorim: "Focused to reach this year´s final"Article
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Győr´s Brazilian international is confident ahead of the hot clash against Itxako in the opener of the EHF Champions League Main Round.

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Amorim: "Focused to reach this year´s final."

The final of the Men´s EHF EURO has just been battled out in Serbia with Denmark celebrating the gold medal. Handball lovers will not miss handball action in the coming weeks though, as this weekend the Women´s EHF Champions League is re-starting with several hot duels.

In one of the Main Round clashes, there will be a repeat of last year´s semi-final duel between Spain’s Itxako and Hungary´s Győri Audi ETO. In this interview, Győr´s sharpshooter Eduarda Amorim gives an insight into her side´s recent change of coaching staff and she’ll reveal whether her team is ready to face the Spanish champions. The EHF Champions League is about to re-start this coming weekend and you´ll face in Itxako the team that stopped Győr´s march last year in the semi-final. Are you eager to take revenge for that loss?

Eduarda Amorim: Yes, we are eagerly awaiting the return of the EHF Champions League matches. With our new new coach Karl Erik Bøhn we expect to come back better then we were before.

Against Itxako it will surely be a hard match, as usually they play really well at home. This is not about revenge, as what is gone is gone. Now we have a different team and circumstances. We are focused on getting to this year´s final. What can be the decisive factor in the game against the Spaniards? Is your team ready to play against the unusual open defence of the opponent?

Eduarda Amorim: Of course we are. If we can help each other, especially in defence, we are going to be able to stop their game. A few days ago you have visited the Men´s EHF EURO to watch games. Was it just for pleasure or have you seen anything that you and your team-mates can implement for Győr´s game plan?

Eduarda Amorim: It was for fun, but of course you can learn something from it. And it’s always really nice to watch high level handball, especially live, where you can feel the good atmosphere of the matches. The team has been working with Karl Erik Bøhn as new coach for two months. What is the work like with him, and being Norwegian, he must have a different coaching style than that of the Hungarian Csaba Konkoly!?

Eduarda Amorim: He is a really good coach. We are adapting to his style and we are working well together so far. I hope the changes will help us to get the trophy. In December you played at the World Championship, where Brazil finished in 5th place, whilst Norway (with Heidi Løke and Katrine Lunde Haraldsen) celebrated gold. Do these successful results there give you and your colleagues extra motivation to achieve something special in the EHF Champions League?

Eduarda Amorim: This result for Brazil was excellent. I always feel "invigorated" after being with the national team. Any positive achievement, either with the National Team or with the club, gives you extra motivation to keep going and achieve more and more in your career.

TEXT: Márk Hegedüs