British government meets in London’s Handball ArenaArticle
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200 days before the start of London 2012 politicians debate the Games in the Olympic venue.

British government meets in London’s Handball Arena

The importance of handball is increasing in Great Britain – the national media is now reporting on the results of the national teams, ever more people are starting to play the game, and now handball was honoured with a very special event: The British Cabinet held their first meeting in 2012 in the London Handball Arena, the venue of the Olympic Handball Event.

200 days before the opening ceremony the Olympic Games and their status of preparation were the main subject on the Cabinet’s agenda.

Government Ministers gathered at the 7,000-capacity venue and held their meeting directly inside the six-metre area of the Olympic Arena, where the Preliminary Rounds and the women’s quarterfinals will take place in Games time.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, praised the legacy of London 2012 and urged his ministers to fully exploit the opportunities the summer showpiece would offer.

He welcomed the progress of the Olympic Park and said the future of six of the eight main venues had already been secured.

Cameron commnented: “This summer’s Olympics will put the eyes of the world on Britain as we host not just an unparalleled sporting spectacle, but also a chance for companies from across the globe to interact and do business here in the UK.”

But at the same time of this Cabinet’s meeting a discussion about the naming of the Olympic Handball Arena has started.

Due to the material the arena is constructed from, the venue is nicknamed “the Copper Box” – and now this shall be the official name instead of “Olympic Handball Arena.” A change that the British Handball Association is resisting as it looks to maximise the legacy-effect of the London 2012 Games.

TEXT: Björn Pazen