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Clear defeats for both German teams in the EHF Women´s Champions League.

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Oltchim progress to Main Round

No further surprises in Round 5 of the EHF Women´s Champions League, as both favourites, Oltchim and Budućnost, collected two more points and with them, the Romanians followed Budućnost to the top 8 of this season´s tournament.

The two German participants, Buxtehuder SV and Thüringer HC, will finish as the bottom teams of their respective groups, with no chance for third place and a Cup Winners´ Cup spot.

The EHF Women´s Champions League continues on Wednesday with a postponed Round 3 match between Hypo Niederösterreich and Győri Audi ETO.


Budućnost (MNE) vs. Thüringer HC (GER) 35:25 (20:10)

The Montenegrins continue their march in the CL and with their fifth consecutive victory, coach Dragan Adžić´s team is the most successful team in the tournament so far.

For the German opponents the game against a superior Budućnost has been a clear learning session, and Petra Popluharova and her colleagues had absolutely no chance in this affair. Only back-court player Kerstin Wohlbold and goalkeeper Maike März gave a good performance, the others all underperforming.

For the hosts, the quality backs Katarina Bulatović and Bojana Popović were both 'on fire' and were responsible for most of the goals in the first half that allowed the favourites to pre-decide the match.

With a clear lead, the Montenegrins slowed the tempo for the second half and Thüringer HC were hoping to remain in game and win the second half.

On Budućnost´s side, the replacement players, Dijana Stevin and Adriana Tacalie, received some playing time to get a feel of the Champions League, and all three goalkeepers had opportunities to measure themselves between the sticks.

The Erfurt-based German club remains without points after five rounds, whilst most of the players of Budućnost, already qualified for top 8, can soon pack their bags for Brazil, where coach Dragan Adžić will continue his work as National Team coach.


C.S. Oltchim Rm. Vâlcea (ROU) vs. Buxtehuder SV (GER) 28:22 (12:9)

The home victory means prolongation for Oltchim in the Main Round, whilst Buxtehuder SV say farewell to the European cup season. Dirk Leun´s team is still without points in the EHF Champions League.

As expected, the Romanians celebrated victory to clinch a top 8 place in this season´s tournament. Coach Radu Voina´s team had no problems in beating the German runner-up.

Only for a few minutes could Steffi Melbeck’s team lead in this duel. Then, Oltchim took the initiative after a 5:5 draw, and they never looked back.

The guests had good phases throughout the match, but the strong Romanians didn´t allow many fluctuations today.

After Buxtehude had resisted at around 50 minutes, a great fiesta started, with Oltchim scoring at will, leaving their opponents stunned and without answer.

The Romanians will battle for the number one position of the group next weekend with Itxako, whilst Buxtehuder SV will try to bid a nice farewell against Dinamo, the team that will progress to the Cup Winners´ Cup.

TEXT: Márk Hegedüs